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I’m up to the first ep of season three of miami vice. Apparently by this stage the show had gained much popularity and the folks at Ferrari were bugged that the show was using a fake Daytona.

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In steps this southern cracker with a stinger, and

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Don Johnson’s facial expression says more than words ever could.

Ferrari donated two of their most recent model cars, but they look crappy compared to the black Daytona. In my top five vehicles used in fictions, it ranks right up there alongside the Millennium Falcon.

red guitar sold

Red guitar you were such a peculiar looking thing when I first saw you out at that little shop at the end of line 7. I had to have you. I’m sure you weren’t made of the same stuff that real Ric’s are made of, but I didn’t care. Your tuning pegs badly needed replacing and often when I sat to play with you, your upper horn would jab me in the man-bosom — but being loansome with you in Icheon (2005, 06) is one of those memories I’m romanticising the further I get from it.

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We here at _Sunny Breaks_ usually consider it too far beneath us to comment on politics, and we here in no way or shape condone the practice known as ‘dictatorship’, however, if push came to shove, and we had to choose a dictator to live under, it’d be that one that’s in Libya.

Ever since I was a little boy I’ve been fascinated with Gaddafi. Back then it was just about spelling: was it Quaddafi or Gaddafi? And for the record, I don’t believe that Libyans were responsible for the ‘lockerbie bombing’ as it’s known. I’m pretty sure it was the CIA. So what we’re left with is one pretty eccentric dude. I was almost going to post this pic a week or two back when I saw it because it’s so neat – from the Vanity Fair website:

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The whole way that one state is quietly tolerated while another is labelled a dictatorship, or undemocratic by western petty bourgeois democracies is a pretty thorny issue anyway.

So anyway, I totally agree with calling the UN security council the *_TERROR COUNCIL_*. That’s awesome.


Dianne I’ve decided to sell my old guitar, the pretend rickenbacker. Apart from the tuners being a bit loose I still like it very much. Just don’t have the room for them all anymore. I remember sitting around with it in the first little place I lived in. No amp. Just strumming forlornly like Tristan floating in a rowboat to who knows where. $150. Photos to come.


“Nanty coming it on a pall, or wid cracking to queer a pitch.”

I don’t know why do these kinds of things with animals.

The first thing is about chimpanzees. I don’t like it, yet I cannot look away.

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The second thing came from a curiosity about Henry Mancini. I don’t really know how highly rated he is, so I can’t say he’s under-rated. He’s put together some great tunes though. Stuff you might not necessarily know the name of, but would recognise the sound instantly. Perhaps the most famous piece is ‘Baby Elephant Walk’ which came from the soundtrack of a (1962) film, _Hatari!_ starring John Wayne.

I’m not going to explain the whole movie, that’s what whikkapeddia is for, but to me the film was notable in that the footage of capturing animals was gruesome but amazing because it’s from another age; we’ll never be seeing real footage like that being shot again because a) we will have killed all the animals, b) some people don’t want us to be doing that to real animals or c) computer generated images.

The opening scenes are of Wayne and his cohort chasing a rhinceros across the plains of East Africa. The rhino sideswipes and headbuts the vehicles as well as getting his horn into one of the hunters (phallic!). I was definitely barracking for the rhino and this time it did get away but I couldn’t get over how it was real. Different from the approach we get now, through nature docos.

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The film is structured around footage of chasing and capturing animals. The plot is very much tacked on and a lot like some 50s boys comic. Both racist and sexist in spades.

But getting back to the soundtrack, and Mancini. There’s a couple of other good tracks on there, one called ‘the sounds of hatari’. It sounds  a lot like rhinos barrelling along at full speed. It’s got that mix of indigineous and whiteboy (brass) sounds that I like – fusion of origins. Taking a guess, I’d say this inspired the Amon Tobin track, Rhino Jockey, from Supermodified.

Here are some other great Mancini tracks connected with other films or tv shows: – a shot in the dark

– experiment in terror

– theme from Peter Gunn

– Pink panther theme

Mr. Xe, best tailor in Hoi an

Last time I was in Hoi an, two and a half years ago I got a bunch of clothes made; a couple of suits, a bunch of shirts, some pyjamas and a jacket. Most of it turned out good. I went to 5 different tailors that time. And I did in fact look for most of them this time too, but several of them had changed staff or disappeared.

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Anyway, Mr. Xe is still there, and despite the 2.5 years one of the women there recognised me from last time. This time, I was taking the Xe slogan, “Imagination is the only limit” literally. I was after a couple of special things — a powder blue suit and a suit like Dave Graney’s.

I got on the back of Mr. Xe’s motorbike and we rode all over town looking for a place with powder blue suit material but it was nowhere to be found. Seems it’s a little more rare than I thought. I didn’t see anything approaching pastels either – I guess the eighties really are over.

However, the Graney suit was a go. The funny thing was that I only took a B&W photocopy of this:

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and yet Mr. Xe recommended the same colour.

Here I am getting fitted for it. I wanted it a little loose-fitting, which is exactly how it came out. There are a whole load of shoe shops in Hoi an too but I didn’t get time to try and find a pair that would’ve really matched the suit. I found a some chocolate-brown Vans that work okay, back here in Korea. Together with a couple of shirts I had made by Mr.Xe it works really well. I wore it last a saturday and I felt like, “I’m off to the races!”.

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I also ended up getting another suit, kind of a working blue colour made and one white shirt. I also got a black version of my safari suit to complement the white one I have. Plus Mr Xe threw in a pair of black pin-stripe trousers.

J-e also got a bidness suit which looks very nice. Here she is getting measured for it. A good shot of the loads of different materials they have in the shop.

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Anyway this review’t all over the place but mostly I just wanted to say that anyone who is heading to Hoi an and looking for a good tailor would do well to visit Mr.Xe’s shop. They have reasonable, standard prices so you don’t need to haggle. They have a lot of different material to choose from, and will get something if they don’t have it.

When they do the first fitting, or even the final one, if there is something that you want changed they listen and have no problem with getting it adjusted. They’re not hungry for the $$$ so they won’t e suggesting that you get this extra, or that extra.

Lastly, I am a rube when it comes to this stuff, and Mr.Xe is a cat-like clothes-making genius who really likes what he does. He wants to see you in slick looking clothing at the end, so you’re going to end up with something good.

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Just for reference’s sake, Mr.Xe can be contacted at nguyen_van_xe  at  yahoo  .com     or tel. 0510 3910388.

Who was the little dude at the London G20 meeting?

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Sixth from right, front row. No higher resolution available. No higher resolution available.