VN in 1 week.

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_Samuel Johnson getting his tic on_

The English studies subjects this semester are kicking my arse. The amount of work expected has increased dramatically. There’s things needing to be written sever times each week. It’d be more do-able if this was my normal working semester also but that doesn’t start til Sept. Right now I’m doing a three week stint teaching kiddies, which is mostly stress-free, but it takes up the lion’s chunk of each day.

Totally interesting is that there’s a kid in my class that’s got Tourette Syndrome. For a day or two I just thought he was being a pain in the arse, but with a bit of carrot n stick tactics he straightened up and started doing the work. When they’re all hunkered down and doing their fake test each day he’d make these odd little noises, and his writing arm twitches bordering on spasms.

I looked up the wikipedia page on T.S. just on a hunch and yep – it describes ‘Richard’ very well. Appararently most cases are very mild and not like what hollywood portrays. And mostly it goes away by late adolescnce – I hope that happens for the dude, because folks in this country don’t look too kindly on even very mild forms of weirdness.

I can see he has days where he’s more focussed and others where its all hangin’ out, today being the latter, but he was still able to answer questions when I asked and then start ticcing out when I was talking to others. It was more than just an arm tic — today it included facial. There were a few strange moments where I think he’d figured out something was up and that I was cool with it because he’d look at me with a blank expression flick to a buck-tooth grin or some other spazzy expression. cool.

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I’m way late in posting this but I’m off to Vietnam this time next week. A few days in Hanoi then down to Hoi an. Am wanting to get some more clothes made, and wanting to fully ham it up on the eccentric side. Think I’ll go for a powder blue suit and another full safari suit but apart from that am not too sure — and especially having a hard time finding fotos of such outfits on the innernet. *If anyone could supply me with interesting pics, or even better, put me in touch with Dave Grainey I’d be much obliged.*

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