life before the internet

It’s getting harder to remember what it was like. Last sat. nite and sunday the internet was out of commission at my house. I didn’t cope with it very well. Partly because I had to do stuff for study online, but hey – no trying to justify it, I’m hooked.

I think when I weigh it all up I get about the same amount done now as when there was no internet. That’s mainly because I was a stoner back then.

And I just got an ipod touchy, further cementing the relationship. Although there’s not that much in the way of free wireless around these parts, if there is any I’ll be sure to find it. The ipod is pretty neat. If I was trying to use if for music it’d already be filled, but there’s the older non-touchy one for that. So far, it seems useful as a kind of an e-reader thing, but it’ll probably ruin my eyes if I try to read from it for longer periods of time. Mostly it’s just good for wasting time with. I ‘jail broke’ it, which I now regret, since all the 3rd party apps are useless trash.

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