Occurring every other wednesday

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I can’t remember if I’ve actually seen a solar eclipse before, probably because in reality eclipses are an entirely underwhelming experience. They seem to be announcing them every other day on the news. Oh believe me after I snapped the pic and went back inside with the beginnings of a headache due to staring at the sun, I did try thinking about the cosmic thing, attempting to get a sense of the WOW, but all I could think of was that episode of Monkey Magic where Trippi Taka is tied to a pole and about to be sacrificed to something horny and devilish. Then Trippi says that unless they let her go she’ll make the sun go out. And you know – they didn’t, and she did, and Monkey freaked out because he didn’t understand how it all works. Good ep.

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  1. Nice. A guy at my local pub was talking about the eclipse and asked me what it was called when the Sun got in between the Moon and the Earth. He was supposing it was a lunar eclipse. He got agitated and called me superstitious when I said it would be the end of everything. People are brilliant. I love people.

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