life before the internet

It’s getting harder to remember what it was like. Last sat. nite and sunday the internet was out of commission at my house. I didn’t cope with it very well. Partly because I had to do stuff for study online, but hey – no trying to justify it, I’m hooked.

I think when I weigh it all up I get about the same amount done now as when there was no internet. That’s mainly because I was a stoner back then.

And I just got an ipod touchy, further cementing the relationship. Although there’s not that much in the way of free wireless around these parts, if there is any I’ll be sure to find it. The ipod is pretty neat. If I was trying to use if for music it’d already be filled, but there’s the older non-touchy one for that. So far, it seems useful as a kind of an e-reader thing, but it’ll probably ruin my eyes if I try to read from it for longer periods of time. Mostly it’s just good for wasting time with. I ‘jail broke’ it, which I now regret, since all the 3rd party apps are useless trash.


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This is a shot from the first season of Miami Vice featuring the reoccurring informant characters Izzy and Noogie. They should have made a spinoff series with just these two.

I thought the guy who played Izzy, Martin Ferrero was the same guy who played Fredo Corleone in the Godfather, but no. Nevertheless, a pretty distinctive character.

Occurring every other wednesday

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I can’t remember if I’ve actually seen a solar eclipse before, probably because in reality eclipses are an entirely underwhelming experience. They seem to be announcing them every other day on the news. Oh believe me after I snapped the pic and went back inside with the beginnings of a headache due to staring at the sun, I did try thinking about the cosmic thing, attempting to get a sense of the WOW, but all I could think of was that episode of Monkey Magic where Trippi Taka is tied to a pole and about to be sacrificed to something horny and devilish. Then Trippi says that unless they let her go she’ll make the sun go out. And you know – they didn’t, and she did, and Monkey freaked out because he didn’t understand how it all works. Good ep.

my mind to…

Not to run the risk of this becoming a one-subject blog or anything, but I had to annotate the occurrence of Karl Malden performing an unauthorised Vulcan mind-meld on an unsuspecting English-accented baddie in ep.05, _Tower Beyond Tragedy_.

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further on podz

Now and then I also listen to bit of radio national. One program, ‘Life & Times’ has interesting stuff – mostly recycled radio docos from 10 or 12 years ago.
This one and the second part feature interviews with an old lady – 105 years old, in 1982, and she’s talking about stuff from the 1890s in a really lucid and interesting way — dear old thing — it’s worth it just to listen to her voice. But the actual content is good too – about a failed socialist commune experiment that australians pioneered in Paraguay

t.rex’s version of summertime blues

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I guess it says a bit about the normal schedule, but during this summer break I’m actually working three times harder than normal. It’s killing me. My feet are killing me — I’m standing up standing still too much of the day and I’m not getting the other normal stuff done. I’m actually learning too though so it’s not all bad. For the first time I’m having teach real ridgey didge grammar. Always managed to somehow skirt around it before but this time I’m using <strong><a href=””>these books</a></strong> (the black one on the bottom) and I have to say it’s really good.

I also just wanted to say that I’m not usually thinking that entrepreneurial cappos are really cool but that guy Elon Musk is into some pretty interesting stuff. First there was paypal — love it or hate it, and most people hate it, and afterall it is now owned by ebay, but it’s still the only system of international electronic payment I know of. Then there’s SpaceX, which is undeniably cool. Plus there’s Tesla Motors, which certainly is like pushing shit up hill going against the automotive/petro gangsters, but nevertheless it’s there.

watching cops shows as a cheap alternative to travelling through time and space

I’m really getting into cop shows. It’s mostly because I like the scenery. It’s like a time machine, visiting a city at a certain time in history. CHiPs is LA in the late 70s. A month or two back in the cultural theory unit when we came up to postmodernism and the reading on how LA is like hyper-real simulacra I put the point to the class that wasn’t it just another city? But I guess I am starting to see how Hollywood may have warped its reality a bit.

The second series is interesting. They lost the old(er) school brass-dominated scoring and have gone for a more 4-on-the-floor disco beat, plus the guitar is more effected. They’re still pushing the boundaries as is evidenced (ep02S02) by this brilliant juxtaposition of images; a tiger, a supermarket–a tiger in a supermarket.

<a href=”” title=”tigerinasupermarket by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”500″ height=”346″ alt=”tigerinasupermarket” /></a>

It was only because of Karl Malden dying the other day that alerted me to ‘The Streets of San Francisco’. I d/loaded the pilot episode and it was pretty ace. 1972. Big cars and everyone had sideburns, which makes me feel at home. It’s pretty easy to see that Police Squad got a few of their ideas from here, and from there, The Naked Gun.

<a href=”” title=”sosf by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”500″ height=”400″ alt=”sosf” /></a>

Lt. Stone & Inspector Keller, working around the clock, eating around the clock

I’m also watching Miami Vice again. 1984. It’s pretty okay. I like how a bit of info on the wikipedia page about it says that in planning the show some exec handed someone a ripped little bit of paper that just said, “MTV cops” — make it happen. The first ep of the series had some things going on about identity and obfuscation. Flava Flav does repeat guest appearances in series 1. Given that P.E. must’ve been going by then I don’t know how he reconciled the whole Rebel without a pause thing with playing a character who’s a snitch for THE MAN.

Update: 10/14/09 I just found out the guy playing Noogie was _not_ Flava Flav. Whoops.