the devil at midday

I just watched the movie _The Wild Angels_ (1966). There is a small sample of audio taken from it and used in a couple of songs I like – one by mudhoney and the other Primal Scream. Pretty lame movie though. The whole long-haired, motorbike-ridin’ neo-nazi movement obviously didn’t take off. And if they were so anti “The Man” why did they insist on burying Bruce Dern in the traditional way, even going to the length of having the funeral service in a church?

Actually re that scene, the film is spoken about being a fore-runner to _Easy Rider_, but no one ever mentions the impact it must’ve had on the writers of _Weekend At Bernie’s_.

At the other end of the ladder, I saw the Austin Powers trilogy a couple of weeks back. I’d seen 1 and 2 before. They were good to see again. Mike Myers’ style of humour is right up my alley. I think he’s a frikkin’ genius. Visual comedy has got to be the purest form there is — and I don’t mean as in innocent – just high-grade. Heather Graham can’t act for shit though, poor girl. I hadn’t seen the 3rd one, and despite Hollywood thrusting its dick into the mashed potatoes, it was still really really funny. The interplay between Mike Myers and Seth Green (in both 2 and 3) is classic. I had a sore gut from laughing and it’s been a long time since that’s happened.

3 thoughts on “the devil at midday”

  1. over the years, Seth Green has been in some very interesting stuff I have liked.
    Heather Graham played a great role in that Steve Martin movie
    … umm starts with B, Eddie Murphy is title role … umm. oh drat , anyhow the HG role was based on Anne Heche, who had been Martins partner before she went lesbian for Ellen DeGeneres. It is a vicious depiction of LA climbing airhead.

    re Wild Angels – bikers, punks etc are all actually Very Conservative. Total Herd-behaviour + uniform-dressing etc.
    no different from the military really.
    LOVE Bruce Dern. see Family Plot with ol cross-eyes Karen Black.

  2. Fanks. I’ll have to check those out. Heather Graham has always seemed okay in other stuff I’d seen her in but it kind of stuck out in ..shagged

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