the devil at midday

I just watched the movie _The Wild Angels_ (1966). There is a small sample of audio taken from it and used in a couple of songs I like – one by mudhoney and the other Primal Scream. Pretty lame movie though. The whole long-haired, motorbike-ridin’ neo-nazi movement obviously didn’t take off. And if they were so anti “The Man” why did they insist on burying Bruce Dern in the traditional way, even going to the length of having the funeral service in a church?

Actually re that scene, the film is spoken about being a fore-runner to _Easy Rider_, but no one ever mentions the impact it must’ve had on the writers of _Weekend At Bernie’s_.

At the other end of the ladder, I saw the Austin Powers trilogy a couple of weeks back. I’d seen 1 and 2 before. They were good to see again. Mike Myers’ style of humour is right up my alley. I think he’s a frikkin’ genius. Visual comedy has got to be the purest form there is — and I don’t mean as in innocent – just high-grade. Heather Graham can’t act for shit though, poor girl. I hadn’t seen the 3rd one, and despite Hollywood thrusting its dick into the mashed potatoes, it was still really really funny. The interplay between Mike Myers and Seth Green (in both 2 and 3) is classic. I had a sore gut from laughing and it’s been a long time since that’s happened.

I’m thinking about

dedicating this entire blog to The Pig.

It’s been a strange year, innit? This worldwide pandemic, epidemic cough thing came on and for a moment everyone was freaking, and then everyone said ah nah it’s alright, and then well, we’re not sure. And as with any of these kind of things, occasionally they can hit close to home.

Tonight I was watching the news and they sez the first The Pig death in victoria happened — a man from small country town, where I incidentally used to live. And then I rang mum, and fuck me if it wasn’t someone I knew. Indeed, someone from my school, year level, and to tell the truth, from my peer group. That is to say, one of the people who was a peer. I, we, a good 10 or 12 of us were the genuinely unpopular. Not good at (ball)sports, not good with girls.  Except downball. A few of us were good at that (not me) – we’d play it against the library wall. Not that downball ever had much prestige. Although I hear that “handball” is now an Olympic sport, so go figure.

Anyway, the deceased, I won’t mention his name, had always been overweight, and that was what got him entry into our loosely gathered group of misfits. He copped a lot of shit for being fat, and I’m sure it didn’t help. It was genetic to a point, but also the vicious cycle of eating because of not feeling good, and so on. Like Fat Bastard in Austin Powers.

He liked old Western ‘dime paperback’ novelettes and the original Albert Broccoli James Bond paperbacks. I remember once we had a sleepover at a friend’s house, and he was there – and I saw him just with his jocks on — and they were like normal jocks except there’d been separate elastic band sewn around the waist so they’d fit.  I guess never did all that well at school. Mum said he’d been driving taxis for a living in aforementioned small country town, but then stopped a few years ago. Rest in peace big guy.

Birthday. It’s your birthday. Happy birthday.

I seem to remember that when I was a kid the feeling of moving from one year to the next had real definition. It was a snap sudden thing that happened when I woke up. BuDdding! I’m 10!
I’ve been sliding gradually into 35 for the last 6 months.
All I got was:
an automated email from the sonic youth forum stating happy birthday
a txt msg from the g/f, also stating happy birthday
the news that I may have to refund 51 bucks on an ebay package that has not yet reached its destination
and a reminder of something terrible I did last year.

a thousand avant-garde films on the roof

I don’t drop by the ubuweb site often enough but when I do there’s always treats a-plenty.

They’ve got a whole shitload of films here.

I just watched the one that’s under J.G. Ballard. There’s a few recognisible names like captain beefheart, brian eno and laurie anderson as well as folks like jean baudrillard .
The one on Ballard was actually a doco on his growing up in Shanghai.
I wish I had more time and brain power for reading. I read a couple of his collections of short stories years ago and they were memorable. I’d like to check out his other stuff.


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The first season of any tv series is always the most interesting because there’s always that unsure feel to it like, ‘what? they bought the pilot? We got to make this thing now?’

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It’s interesting to watch the readjustments taking place after three or four shows.

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More of this. Less of that. You know what I mean.

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C.H.i.P.s (California Highway Patrol) was no exception. It was 1977. I guess you could say they started off with some very run of the mill eps. Establishing characters. Back story.

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One of the standout characteristics of what I’ve seen of the first season (14eps) is the soundtrack/scoring. There’s a jazzy brass and funky bass theme running through the whole thing with a myriad of variations on the main theme.

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At times they keep the music up high and the dialogue down at low volume. I like it. At about ep10 they got stuck into some full blown small stone phaser use too.

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The early part of the series swung between light comedy and serious stuff.

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Unfortunately neither of the leads are comedy actors. They brought in lots of cameos. Obviously, it was easy for the producers to find plenty of old actors ready to do bit parts. And in a strange way art was probably imitating life, given that this was L.A.

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Baker delivers some bad news to a wife and son: “Your dad’s dead”. (ep4)

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H.R. Puffnstuf; postmodern intertextuality, you saw it first on CHiPs.

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Marjorie Bennett as Mrs.Downey was a recurring character. A grand old English dame in her 56 Cadillac.

For me, CHiPs stands somewhere between the predictable sparseness of Thunderbirds and something more exciting like battlestar galactica. That might sound harsh, but I do really like watching CHiPs. And it is over 30 years old. There’s something about the landscape of Los Angeles and environs at that time. It can also be seen in The Omega Man starring Charleton Heston.

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Mrs.Downey giving Bear the run around.

Apparently the first two seasons are available on iTunes but there are other wasy too. I hope they release the other four.