april one

I finally got around to putting the SD antiquity IIs in the Jag. To be honest I don’t hear a lot of difference. Of course I haven’t been in a hi-gain, hi amplification situation yet – those times when the CIJ pickups would squeal.
I forgot to age the pickup covers. Rather than putting them in coffee, I was going to smear vegemite on them and see how that went down.
Went back to round-wounds as well. The flat wounds lasted a good six months. Most people would probably change them before then but I’m a bit peculiar with string habits. Nevertheless, they were getting pretty dull and feeling too unweildy.
The round wounds feel rather thin in comparison.

My gear isn’t on the move regularly these days, so no need for the pedal box. And I’m a lazy, lazy man — keeping them on the floor makes the knobs too hard to reach.
A little bit of everything in there; boss, maxon, EH, dunlop, proco, 1 bootick, 1 double-evil dano, and more boss.

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