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I went to watch some live music last night. Korean rockabilly bands. It was pretty okay. Missed the first group, but the other three I did see got progressively better as the night went on, finishing up with the main act, the <a href=””>Rock Tigers</a>. They seemed pretty well drilled and I would guess, have probably toured OS. The two guitarists had these gorgeous Gretsch guitars but I kept thinking that it’s kind of a loss because they’d sound pretty much the same.The lead singing woman was really cool and had a lot of charisma.

I was kind of hoping I would see some Teddyboys there but the only people who were dressed in theme were the people in the bands. There was a few yahoos in the audience who wanted to mosh but the music really wasn’t up to that speed, nor was there the audience capacity, so all they managed to do was get some other people rather pissed off. A scuffle almost broke out. I kind of wished it had because while the music was nice, it wasn’t totally doing it for me. Nobody did, Brand New Cadillac, which is what I would have done had I been playing.

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Hello friends,

Just taking a few minutes out of my busy schedule to tell you about a few things I’ve observed lately.

On the internet, it’s all about getting things done quickly. No one has time to write full words anymore. And so, we get this netspeak. For example, there’s the abbreviation, “tl;dr” I guess I first saw this five or six years ago on one of the more advanced (that is to say, nerdy) internet discussion forums. It means, “too long; didn’t read”. That is to say, “What you wrote was very long, and I, the other person, for whatever reason, laziness, being in a hurry–did in fact not read it. And while I did, as I say, not in fact have time to read it, I _did_ have the time to let you know that I didn’t”.

This is all well and good. However, what I have observed recently is a rather disturbing trend among either the younger teens, or the very stupid (I can’t tell because it’s on the internet and I can’t see these people) whereby these people are actually misusing ‘tl;dr’. It’s being used in places where a more literate or diligent person would use a phrase like, “to cut a long story short”, or “suffice to say”. All I can say is idiots get a brain.


I continue to watch submarine movies. If any of them that I had watched was truly good, I would have mentioned it.

I’m usually against the mixing of comedy and the submarine genre, but last night I watched, _Operation Petticoat_ starring Cary Grant and Tony Curtis. Run of the mill for the most part except for the fact that the story included a plot point where their sub was painted pink. What I could say about a pink submarine plumbing the watery depths is best left out of a family accessible publication like Sunny Breaks.

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<a href=”” title=”the pink submarine in Operation Petticoat by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”500″ height=”308″ alt=”the pink submarine in Operation Petticoat” /></a>

<a href=”” title=”the pink submarine in Operation Petticoat by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”500″ height=”307″ alt=”the pink submarine in Operation Petticoat” /></a>

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I don’t usually bother dabbling in polotics these days but this is interesting. I was a little puzzled the other days when I couldn’t leave a biting comment on you-tube about an effects pedal the other day. Firefox throws down a little box saying comments have been disabled because of blahblah real name policy. I thought this would mean that I’d have to go to some dumb korean website to sign up with my name just so I could troll youtoob.

But after reading <a href=””>this article on the hankoryeah</a> I see that google central has shut down comments and uplaods to you-tube from within S.Korea, because fascist government policy here goes against their belief that people should be able to be anonymous on the internet. Right on. About time google did something I agree with. The article finished with this:

Jeon Eung-whi, a standing member of Green Consumers Network in Korea, said, “This affair has given an impression to the world that ‘South Korea is an advanced nation in terms of technology, however, is a backwards nation in terms of freedom.


I can’t believe what I’m hearing and reading. I thought I was some kind of beach boys fan but I just realised they have a song called Little Honda. I didn’t even think Hondas were invented back then.

Moreover, in one song I know really well, _thought I knew well_, All Summer Long, there’s a line that I thought was “Miniature golf and hotdogs in the heat”, but as it turns out, it’s actually “Miniature golf and _Hondas_ in the hills”. Were they getting paid off by Honda or something? I didn’t know Honda was even invented then.

Things come around again. New shoes for the summer. I love lime green. They’re not actually Cons – everlast instead. Cons are having crappy colours the last season or two.

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Four years ago, resampled from this here trundling bundle of logwords:

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The Enemy Below (this heading)


It’s easy to start to think that all submarine films will be about the same with the odd one cropping up that is truly terrible. Like the other night, watching Crash Dive (1997), not to be confused with Crash Dive (1943) which was an absolute shocker.

It’s been interesting going through this list of submarine films without checking out info on them beforehand. Last night I watched The Enemy Below. Great film. 4 cement mixers out of five. Goes into the category of great war movies, not just submarine movies. I know you’re probably thinking ‘war movies..???’ but hey – this one actually had a kind of a pacifism thing going in it.

I could see elements had been borrowed in later years – in Star Wars – the helmets looked like something off the Death Star, and even the scoring sounded a little John Williamsish. Similarly, the whole storyline was basically borrowed about ten years later and made into a Star Trek Original series episode, <a href=””>Balance of Terror</a>.

The enemy Below was also notable in that it didn’t have any of the usual sailor sexism–pictures of Betty Davis tacked up on the walls kind of thing. In fact I think if you were a homo-sex-ual you’d probably like this movie because there was barely a mention of women and there was also plenty of glistening-muscled aryan boys on the german sub.

The natural enemy of any sub is depth charges dropped from boats about. In every other movie I’ve seen, what this amounted to was the visual of 44-gallon drum falling into the water, as seen from below. In The Enemy… half of the action was taking place on board the yankee patrol ship–they were the ones doing the depth charges, and so showed how they actually launch them. Interesting.

I don’t why, but if a good film is going to lose it, 8 times out of 10, it’ll happen in the ending, and unfortunately this was the case here. It was otherwise a really well measured portrayal of the germans, but as mentioned, there was this vibe from both sides that ‘hey we don’t really want to fight this war but we’ve been ordered to’. As the cat and mouse continued the two captains gained respect for eachother, and then — at the end the american saves the german captain, and the german accepted help.

In reality, that guy would have gone down with his uboat or faced terrible humiliation on returning to the Fatherland, not to mention a firing squad.

april one

I finally got around to putting the SD antiquity IIs in the Jag. To be honest I don’t hear a lot of difference. Of course I haven’t been in a hi-gain, hi amplification situation yet – those times when the CIJ pickups would squeal.
I forgot to age the pickup covers. Rather than putting them in coffee, I was going to smear vegemite on them and see how that went down.
Went back to round-wounds as well. The flat wounds lasted a good six months. Most people would probably change them before then but I’m a bit peculiar with string habits. Nevertheless, they were getting pretty dull and feeling too unweildy.
The round wounds feel rather thin in comparison.

My gear isn’t on the move regularly these days, so no need for the pedal box. And I’m a lazy, lazy man — keeping them on the floor makes the knobs too hard to reach.
A little bit of everything in there; boss, maxon, EH, dunlop, proco, 1 bootick, 1 double-evil dano, and more boss.