I really should be and should’ve been packing. My stuff and I are heading out of the metropolis next Monday, and apparently into a place that is still being worked on and doesn’t even have water at the moment. I hope they get their shit together soon.

It’s been pretty strange getting all this news about bushfires in my native state of Victoria. I recently found I could watch SBS world news online. They’ve got everything except the weather. My take on it is that it’s the worst of all possible news collated and presented by the nicest possible people around. I have a bit of a bonar (that’s internet talk) for Janice Peterson. They’ve had an English guy doing the live on the spot coverage of the fires, and at times he’s been literally hopping. I don’t know why – excited I guess. The kind of people interviewed in all the coverage I’ve seen fall into two categories – officials of some kind, or locals of a very working class nature.

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