apple sliced in half

Alright, this appears to be the last opportunity to get one in before the year ends.

It’s been an interesting jaunt back in Melbourne this time. I’m starting to feel like I’m becoming a stateless person. I’m certainly not korean, but it gets easier to see things at a korean would. Also, it’s strange to say but I seem to be getting less used to being around people from other countries while actually living in another country — korea is so monocultured.

Here’s what I noticed: noses — long straight noses like the tailplanes on aircraft. Especially on women.

Breasts. I know it’s supposedly summer here (bit cold if you ask me) but it’s cleavage, cleavage cleavage everywhere. People who live here all the time probably don’t realise how prominent it is. It seems to be very important. In fact I would go so far as to say that the entire local economy would come to a grinding halt it cleavage disappeared. Of course it was all quite a pleasant novelty to me but then just a couple of days ago I was starting to get over it.

Really patchy service in shops. Sometimes I’d be in a place buying something and for no apparent reason would be given an attitude as if I was filth. And then sometimes people would be quite nice and I’d be caught off guard, thinking that they were perhaps taking the piss somehow.

Expensive and crappy public transport. I know Melbourne is sprawled and has a smaller population than Seoul but that’s still no excuse for how poor the standard of PT is here. “Southern Cross” station needs to be nuked from orbit so it can be reattempted. Anything going into or coming out of there is made late due to their poor organisation. Also it’s one massive diesel fume trap – a complete health hazard if you’re caught standing on a platform for more than 20 seconds — and you will.

Good Things: Supermarket. I always look forward to going to the supermarket.

Air quality – nice to be able to breath air in the city without choking.

Room on the footpath – good to be able to charge around at whatever pace I want without people getting in my way.

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Caught up with buddy and ex-g/f <a href=””>Jayne D’Arcy</a> yesterday. She has a blog now. It’s called, “<a href=””>design me, Jayne D’Arcy</a>, which for some reason reminds me of the phrase, ‘help me, Amadeaus’. Anyway, as I was sayin to her, <a href=””>Jayne D’ Arcy</a> is a bit late to the whole blogparty, but whatever.

I’m off to Tokyo tonight. Seeya.

snacks on a plane

I’m at the airport in tokyo, on my way through back to melbs. yahoo have a free innernet cafe here. Pretty good, because I didn’t bring a laptop for the first time in forever. Instead I brought a whole bunch of guitar pedals to sell on the ebay, and a guitar that I broke down into parts so it’d fit in the suitcase.

There’s muzak all over this joint. Normally I can dig the vileness of muzak but right now it’s starting to get at me. I’m hungry. Qantas has me stuck here for just under 8 hours with no food – I’ll be damned if I’m going to buy anything here – prices are outrageous. Flying Qantas is like living on the san andreas – re their safety record – it’d be better to be on one of those airlines that’s had a bunch of minor crashes and fatalities here and there, because the law of averages says that since the fyling kanga has gone so long without killing someone that when they do – it’ll most likely be a midair collision between 3 qantas 747s. The suspense is killing me.

I’m hoping I don’t get interrogated like I did at immigration in Melbourne this time last year. Fuckers.

Anyway, I better go and get right down into enjoying the beatness of having nothing to do for the next 5 hours.

… i may be back.

Santa, You & Me

I was hoping that when I finished studying I would get this flood of urge to get back into bloggin again but it hasn’t happened. I have remained busy to an extent, and enjoying moments of chillin’ when I can get em.

I signed a deal which is going to have me heading out of the city next year — a welcome change, I TELL YOU.

My friend Jim left the country yesterday. Before he did, he gave me this cd of music he’d made. I’d always known he made kid’s music but I was blown away by how good this cd was. I expect you’ll be hearing more about him soon. Until then, here’s the first song, a seasonally themed ditty, <strike>Christmas Boogie</strike> *(Christmas Boogie now removed: 7/4/11)*. I hope he doesn’t mind me posting it. I didn’t get time to ask.

I’m off back to Australia (HOJU) for a couple of weeks come sunday. Looking forward to the mild suddy weather and the big supermarkets filled with all those goodies. Looking forward to seeing friends and quiet streets, clean air, and eavesdropping on conversations.

I modified my Danelectro Danoblaster! Now officially known as Moonblaster. I changed the pickups in it. Here’s a picture:

<a href=”” title=”modified Danoblaster. by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”375″ height=”500″ alt=”modified Danoblaster.” /></a>

In the bridge is a Seymour Duncan Lil’ Screamin’ Demon single-coil sized humbucker. In the middle is a Lace Holy Grail and the neck has a Lace Sensor Purple in it. I ordered them about six weeks ago but due to shenannigans of one of these online parts sellers, I didn’t get them until yesterday. Man, I even dreamed about these pickups in the post-order ensuing wait.

I’ve never done any soldering before but I had a go last night. For a while I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it — too many fiddly wires. Then I did it, and it seemed to be successful. I’d started thinking there’s nothing to this soldering business — it’s like the metal version of blutac. But then today I was playing the moonblaster and the middle and neck sound suspiciously similar, as in I think there’s something wrong with the wiring. Got no time to mess about in there again now, but in any case the screamin demon pickup is in there properly and I can say that that one sounds good. Chunkeh!