When Aug 1 rolled around  said to my self, self, I have to make more of an effort to post regularly on the website this month. Then two more days slipped away and here we are. It’s summer, I have no air-con, I am in the middle of a three-week jaunt teaching middle-school sprogs and I have just started the gears turning on another 100+ days of minor hell via two literature (lich-ri-cha) units thru USQ.

I read hamlet and the cliffnotes of hamlet. Cliffnotes sez shakespeare would be horrified that u had to read the cliffnotes to unnerstand it. To that I sais, U should have writ it easier to unnderstand, shakey! Interesting to see how many chestnuts of literature are in there, but also it’s difficult to know how many cliches, like ‘a lender nor a borrower be’ were already cliches before the play. In that respect 400 years ago isn’t actually that long ago.

I watched (most) of the 1948 version of Hammy. The guy who played Hammy reminds me of Rutger Hauer in Bladerunner.

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