review: electroharmonix Small Stone (nano)

[I’ve been spending most of my idle-mind time messing with guitars n such, so when on the net, looking at websites related to that. This is why I haven’t been writing much here. Here is the first of reprinted reviews for products I have purchased in recent times.]

The thing that made me finally say ‘Yes, I will buy the nano small stone’, was Larry DeMarco demonstrating its sound on the EHX webiste. Go check it out–now, then come straight back. ( <a href=””>EHX</a>  -> go to effects, modulation, nano small stone. )
Larry is just a regular bloke like you or me. There’s is one point near the end of the clip where he grabs the tremolo bar that will bring on acid flashbacks even if you never had the stuff.

Eventhough I can’t play guitar very well, I really like the sounds they make, and what better way to mask bad playing than with a bunch of pedals? As Larry says, the Small Stone compliments many different rig set-ups and can add a really nice, scuzzy 70s sound to your playing.

This pedal also works great with keyboards. Just look at Frenchman, Jean Michel Jarre. Look at him ( <a href=””>JMJ</a> ). He relied heavily on the Small Stone when recording the top selling album, Oxygene, _in his kitchen_.

Simply put, when it comes to analog pedals Electroharmonix produce the best (affordable) options on the market, including the nano Small Stone.

If it was lost or stolen would I replace it? I’d definitely spend a lot of time looking around for where I might’ve lost it or whoever stole it.

3 thoughts on “review: electroharmonix Small Stone (nano)”

  1. Shit, JMJ really made Oxygene in his kitchen? I remember listening to that album in the 80s and thinking it was the best thing since Three of a Perfect Pair…It’s probably no coincidence that I was also a big fan of Al Dimeola at the time too. Damn, I just checked and these people are still alive?! OMG, even Robert Fripp!

  2. I don’t know who those other dudes are, I’ll have to look them up, but it’s funny that you mention Robert Fripp. He does a brief forward to a guitar handbook I bought, there’s this recent photo of him wearing a shirt buttoned all the way up. He looks a little uptight.

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