I’m very tired but I feel like I should write here. I’ve recently been watching a lot of you-tube. I think I’m just starting to fully understand the implications of it. I have been watching people play guitars. It’s fascinating. Bedrooms. Facial expressions concentration. These countless anonymous (usually) white young men wailing on their axes, then sometimes talking about them.

In another leagues is watching famous people, in this instance talking about their Fender Jazzmasters. I don’t usually like to funk up the weblog with utoob windows, but as I said, the whole thing is being deliberated on by the committee. For the moment here’s a few.

Elvis Costello—I’ve only ever been mildly interested in his music, but this interesting hearing of the randomness involved with how he ended up with a distinctive looking guitar. I could relate to how he had a guitar for ages that just wasn’t very comfortable, but didn’t know that much could be done about it. He seems like a pretty don-to-earth kind of guy.

Nb. Ask Elvis if he will be compare/interviewer for my ‘people talking about their guitars’ TV series.

Next was J Mascis formerly of Dinosaur Jr. I always thought he was a wanker—don’t know why, just did. May have had something to do with the way he drawled the vocals in songs like Freak Scene, the only one I can remember.

However, I could relate to things that J was saying, like how he travelled hours to get to this guitar shop only to find that the one he had been saving up for ages for was actually 50 bucks more than he thought, so couldn’t get it. That happens to me all the time. J didn’t seem like a wanker at all.

Next was Lee Ronaldo of Sonic Youth talking about his Fender Jazzmaster. Unlike the first two, there is no Ronaldo signiture model Jazzmaster. In the past I’ve quite the Sonic Youth fan but everything comes and goes. Having dozens of guitars with different alternate tunings is a very convenient way to get around not having to learn how to play guitar. Ronaldo seemed kind of pretentious.

The last one (not embeddable) is Johnny Marr n’ his guitar. I never would’ve guessed it from those effector-driven razor licks from songs like ‘how soon is now’ but Johnny seems to be the ‘goofy but lovable’ type of person when I hear him talking about his kids and stickers from Wamart used to decorate his Jazzmaster.

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