in the dark of the beaches

For the last couple of months, a couple times a week I get people to read me ‘The Sneetches’ by Dr. Suess. I’m convinced he wrote that and ‘The Zax’ about Koreans, North & South, and the split in the 50s. As much as I like those stories, I’ve been wanting to hear some more and I finally ordered a compilation book of Suess off amajon. For whatever reason I never really got into those books as a youngster.
I would have scanned one of the pictures from the book to put here but hooking up the scanner is a hassle, frankly speaking.

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<a href=”” title=”yellow_400 by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”400″ height=”395″ alt=”yellow_400″ /></a>

Dsico (that no talent hack) has released an aborted album, Touch Me (not like that). I like it – I like the realism of it. As some who farts around with instruments, it’s inspiring to hear stuff like this because it’s a reminder that Hey I can do that!
The track (Wait) Take your time is perhaps the overall best example of his style. It features a guitar riff ripped from the 60s song, “I’m not your stepping stone” and some whacky backing vocals, which while they are performed by dsico, sound like a bloke called Trev from over the back fence dropped by to help out with the track. Note the album cover is probably the men’s toilet at Enmore station, I don’t know for sure but Tony would. Other noticable influences on the album include The Cure and Tiny Tim. It doesn’t cost any money to download.

5 thoughts on “in the dark of the beaches”

  1. I always knew you were a drummer, but when did you begin to fart around with other instruments? Do you go (or say youre gonna go but not go) to open mic sessions like MC? 😉

    Myself, I’m thinking of getting into Kendo since I need more xp to become a real life lvl 12 ninja.

  2. doo! you must be trawling. I think I have mentioned before – am a _guitarist_ — used to play bass, now six string. Never drums. I intend to put together a band here.

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