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This is something I might give a regular spin here on the sunny breaks. I’ve always thought of myself as a supreme being when it comes to solving other people’s problems but unfortunately people will not often tell me there problems in order for my supremeness to solve them, so maybe it’s one of those give a litlle, get a little situations.

I have many problems. Some of them are huge–but here’s a small one. Let’s suppose my name is “yak sox”, and that I am the owner of the “yak.sox¬† at gmail dot com” email address. Now let’s suppose that there’s another yak sox back in australia, which apparently there is. Apparently this guy is some sort of musician and is on some kind of APRA (australian performing rights association) mailing list, but instead of the email going to him, it goes to me.

He keeps getting invited to this, or is being updated about that. There is no visible way to unsubscribe from this list. Here is the most recent thing:


Rob Collins, APRA’s National Indigenous Representative, will be coming to Brisbane on Thursday 29th May. Rob is based in the new APRA Northern Territory office, but will be regularly visiting Queensland to support our indigenous writers and offer advice with regards to APRA and copyright.

Rob would love to meet up with local songwriters and invites you to come to the APRA office between 5-6pm to meet with other local songwriters and learn about how to increase your APRA royalties.

Thursday 29th May
Venue: APRA office Brisbane
3 Winn Street
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
Time: 5-6pm

Please let us know if you can come along.
Light refreshments served.

RSVP essential by Monday 26 May to
or 07 3257 1007

I am thinking that the only solution is that I reply saying, “YEAH I’M COMING AND I’M BRINGING FIVE FRIENDS SO YOU BETTER PUT OUT SOME EXTRA SEATS AND BUY ANOTHER PACKET OF TIM-TAMS”. My hope is that they would be so irritated by the no-show of my erstwhile doppelganger that they would not tell him about the next thing that came up. What do you think? C’mon tell me, I’m desperate for the comments.

Incidentally, if you live in Brisbane and you want to go to that thing, please do. Tell them I said you could come.

2 thoughts on “Aunty Annie”

  1. You weren’t fooling nobody. I’ve known you weren’t the real yeskox for quite some time now. On that scope site I go to they still think I’m a white guy who listens to Bon Jovi because of the prolific “other nosti” on Amazon. I still can’t decide if s/he is the original troll or if it’s me..Hopefully the former.

    Anyway, you should contact them and say look dude, ya need to get off all these mailing lists or I’m gonna come to Brisbane and swipe your identity or something. I sorta did that with my “open letter to the other nosta” but it backfired, btw. As soon as s/he knew about me s/he started registering accounts at all sorts of weird sites…now, now it’s more complicated.

  2. Ah yes, but there’s another wrinkle to this all. When I say there’s this other guy ‘yak sox’ – what I mean to say is that there’s this other guy in australia who has the same [first name] [last name] as me, and since I have that gmail account registered I seem to be getting a lot of his (or in actual fact theirs) mail.

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