I had to get rid of the cutline theme, it looked too much like a magazine or something and besides – the creator is a gimp. There are a few drawbacks of this one too, but looking at the templates, it’s very simple and therefore easy to modify.

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You know, I’m studying via USQ this year. For those not in the know, that’s the abbreviation for University of Southern Queensland. The main campus is located in Toowoomba, a smaller city in Qld. When I’m having a panic attack about some detail I neglected to get sorted, such as paying the fees on time, or finding out where my exam centre is, I ring the USQ (via Skype). The call gets through to one of the service desks there—USQ has a lot of overseas students so they’re appropriately staffed for it.
My call always seems to go through to a middle-aged, country-accented sounding woman named Val or Pam. It’s a comforting sound. Here, 9/10 native English voices I hear are N.American.
More to the point, Val always knows what the score is. She is calm, efficient and all-knowing. If I got to choose what the first AI name, personality and voice would be, it would be V.A.L.

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In a bid to make this site popular again, here is the first in a series of Saucy Dames of the Orient.


, , — YS @ 1:02 pm, May 14, 2008

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  1. Glad you finally discovered Zhou Xuan, and have begun to soak up a bit of that Shanghai culture for a change. Did you know she died in an insane asylum during the Anti-Rightist movement? Those PRC reds never knew how to treat their women right…wouldn’t surprise me if Tang Wei wound up in the same place one day.

    Comment by nostalgiphile — May 15, 2008 @ 1:59 am

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