West toast snow fish platoon

I have a week’s intermission at work and so have come back to Shanghai. I didn’t bring the appropriate cable so any fotos will have to be inserted post-trip.
Girlfriend, Je, has made friends with some of the locals and so we have been meeting with them. An ‘Aunt’ invited us to her family home a bit further out in the ‘burbs. It was a huge meal. I counted and there was 15 plates of food on the table. There was just the mother father and daughter, plus us two.
Without knowing it I ended up eating dog, and then I ate pigeon too _and that was just for breakfast_. Before I knew it was dog I thought it was some kind of beef, and the pigeon tasted like bad chicken.
The family were very nice and the dad cooked it all so it was one of those situations where there was no real way to say no.
Although there was a couple of times where Je stepped out of the room, and the people couldn’t speak any english so it was a bit awkward, but I couldn’t help but think how great it was – this precariousness, and how many ways there were that I could do something inappropriate or weird or offensive to a level of being kicked out of the house. I was envisioning being kicked out of the house.

Doing a little shopping in Carrefour supermarket at Zhongshan Park on Saturday night and Je said it seemed unusually quiet. Mostly it looked like young people in there, which may have had something to do with it being a saturday night. In any case, some of the chinese people are boycotting because France <3’s Tibet. We’ll be going back to Carrefour today because it’s so much nicer to shop when it’s not so crowded.
I had been thinking about going to see some of the Olympic Games for no other reason than girlfriend may still be here then, and it’d be interesting to see if the whole shithouse goes up in flames, as Jimbo Morrison would say.

Went to a restaurant last night that had english translation on the menu. Here are some of the more choicer dishes:
* The Beijing onion explodes the fat cow
* The cotton rose one is fragrant
* burns the beef (I had this – beef and potato curry – very good!)
* Characteristic cowpea
* Burns the pigeon
* blood is flourishing
* Heineken
* Fried icecream
* Chaozhou style understands stove fish
Plus the above title of this entry, which is what I think I will call my band when I finally make a band.