I _was_ going to write about how being back studying and dealing with the academia was reminding me of how out of touch with reality they all are. What set that off was finishing up reading _Dracula_ and _Carrie_ and then reading some of the analysis pieces as well as the other students’ discussion on the board. In relation to _Carrie_ someone said, ‘uh yeah, it’s about feminism’, to which I scoffed at my computer screen, It was just about a guy hacking out some pulp to get a bit of money to pay the bills.

Of course, I was right, but it’s also about other things, but feminism isn’t one of them. _Dracula_ is about a lot of things. one of them being how Roumanians want to marry your daughter and make little Roumanians — in England.

<a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/sunnybreaks/5454927897/” title=”workplace-small by esquimauxpie, on Flickr”><img src=”http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5055/5454927897_8c1a467ed7_o.jpg” width=”444″ height=”281″ alt=”workplace-small” /></a>

A message to Googol: work your satellites, update your images. According to the above image, my current workplace hasn’t even been built yet. That makes the image over two years old.

* * *

Another reason not to doubt the cosmic order of things: I just looked up obscure early nineties Kiwi indie band, StraightJacket Fits on BTJunkie. It had no leads but offered me the suggestion, ‘did you mean straightjacket fist’? No, but thanks. Everyone will get what they deserve. The members of Straightjacket Fits are probably selling Holdens in Dunedin these days, and so need the money. I’ll probably buy their self-titled album from some obscure Kiwi music web-shop.