F U N E X?

I’m studying again this semester, just one subject; English Literature. It’s looking at popular fiction and the first assignment in on horror fiction. After reading Bram Stoker’s _Dracula_ ten years ago, I reread it last week. There seemed to be a lot I didn’t remember. Like all the sex scenes, where did they come from?
Will watch ‘Dracula, Dead and Loving it’ starring Lesley Neilson tonight to see if that will add anything to the literary critique.

I’m watching the tv series, ‘Heroes’. It started off a bit lame but started to pick up after the point where the cheerleader attempted to vehicular-manslaughter the quarter-back. ‘Owever it does make me feel a bit inadequate because I am just a normal person with no super power. Every new character introduced seems to have something going on in that dept. As for the characters, I think I like Hiro Nakamura the best. It was pleasantly surprising to see that they kept with the two characters speaking japanese and use of subtitles. Also, the tall blonde woman because she’s so damn hot, but it’s questionable whether or not multiple-personality disorder is a superpower.