Putting the pieces together

Hi. Last week for the week I was in Shanghai. I have been meaning to start putting things down about it, but there’s so much. Expect it to come out in fragments. Here is a couple. The plane ride over was delayed and late in several ways. From now on, when going on these short haul Airbus A-300s, sitting near an emergency exit is no longer fun or preferable. The fact that the plane was fully booked made me realise that it’s been well over a year since I was on a plane where I didn’t have empty seats next to me.
Accordingly, for on the way back, I asked for an aisle seat near the front, and got it. Much better. First to the Immigration window! One way or the other, I’d dead-glad I didn’t see this until after I got back. Can you imagine the amount of screaming going on inside that cylinder? I can.


Architecture is something there is plenty of in Shanghai, The Pearl of the Orient is one of the modern stand-outs. The spheres look a bit like ET the Extraterrestrial’s spaceship, I fancy.