I’m very much missing warm air, wet sand and salt water. Winter has been long. It is almost over, or so it would seem. It has this way of giving you a week’s worth of hope then plunging back. It the weather report!

Go check out http://squarepusher.net/ playing his bass like a crazy man. I love those English people — when they speak and behave they seem so English.

Project “Curtains” is under way. It is about curtains. All the curtains I saw available looked shocking. Thus, with the help of a friend I got some material ordered off the Internet. You can order anything on the Internet here.
It’s red velvet. I always knew I would have red velvet curtains _one day_ in my life. I just didn’t realise it would come so soon. I am unsure of the quality of the velvet. I may end up just cutting it to size with scissors and attaching it to the wall with heatable-glue hooks.

The time has come. I am going to become a lead guitarist. that will be my profession. I’ll get a band and all the members will be adequate. They will do their thing, and I will look keenly to the other guitarist, with my Vol. turned to 1, I’ll play maybe every third or fourth chord — whatever I can manage. Then at about 3 fifths of the way through the song an opening will be made. I’ll go Whaaaa, whaa-whaaa… … .. . .. Whaaa. It’s the modest leadbreak. Nothing fancy.
I am in the midst of compiling a list of modest leadbreaks. ‘Cinnamon Girl’ by Neil Young may or may not be on there depending on what else shows up.


I would also just like to say that the character of Anton Chigurh in the movie _No Country For Old Men_ was one of the most impressive I have seen in years. Totally evil and totally impressive.