Hi. I was just reading this thing about blowing on laptops and it reminded me of a minivison I had on the bus on friday while in theta-cycles. Moving songs around on iTunes will be like pouring water from one cup to another.

Tonight I watched _Juno_ (2007). At first I was sceptical. I thought it was going to be too cute, trying to hard but it turned out to be really nice. There was some really nice scene in there.

_cat is a 70yo man_

The last three winters I have been here, I haven’t been here for all of it. I got a three week reprieve from it this year too, but it doesn’t feel like it. Ze Vinter is really dragging out. I am tired of the feeling tenseness when stepping out.

I am liking the Depeche Mode. It is interesting that they were so big — I didn’t know that. They sold, like, 100 million records. Listening to some of their smash hits now, like, ‘Enjoy the Silence’ and there’s a lot more guitar than I thought there was in their music. I like that guy’s vocals.