(Empty The Cities)

Not just one country, or one group of countries but the whole damn planet. [“I’m a whole damn town!”]

The people’s of the whole planet spread out evenly across every patch of arable land. Salt water was made fresh. The deserts were greened. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was occupied with farming.
Then one day all the thoughts of the world’s peoples turned to tomatoes. Singularly, completely, without aberration, the people began to grow tomatoes. Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes; Black Russians, cherry tomatoes, hydroponic tomatoes — but mostly the normal kind.
They started to pile up but the people kept on with the growing.

I could see all this from my platform in geosynchronous orbit. It happened steadily and in not much time at all. A planet where blue, greens and white once predominated became red.
In the first few weeks after the red became noticeable I would ring people to let them know what they were doing was probably a mistake.
To them the incoming number would show up as starting with 001 so they thought I was Skyping them from the next farm-collectorate. “Ur pulling my leg”, they would say.
“No! I’m really in space!”
They didn’t believe me when I said everyone was growing tomatoes either. Each thought they were the only ones with such a bright idea.

After a week I gave up and instead would ring random numbers and start singing the David Bowie classic, ‘Starman’. At a ratio of about 1 in 10 (pretty good really) the person would stay on the line and listen to the whole song. I liked floating in zero-G, singing into the phone and I liked to imagine the other person down there, phone to ear, listening quietly while a stranger sang to them.