I’m very much missing warm air, wet sand and salt water. Winter has been long. It is almost over, or so it would seem. It has this way of giving you a week’s worth of hope then plunging back. It the weather report!

Go check out http://squarepusher.net/ playing his bass like a crazy man. I love those English people — when they speak and behave they seem so English.

Project “Curtains” is under way. It is about curtains. All the curtains I saw available looked shocking. Thus, with the help of a friend I got some material ordered off the Internet. You can order anything on the Internet here.
It’s red velvet. I always knew I would have red velvet curtains _one day_ in my life. I just didn’t realise it would come so soon. I am unsure of the quality of the velvet. I may end up just cutting it to size with scissors and attaching it to the wall with heatable-glue hooks.

The time has come. I am going to become a lead guitarist. that will be my profession. I’ll get a band and all the members will be adequate. They will do their thing, and I will look keenly to the other guitarist, with my Vol. turned to 1, I’ll play maybe every third or fourth chord — whatever I can manage. Then at about 3 fifths of the way through the song an opening will be made. I’ll go Whaaaa, whaa-whaaa… … .. . .. Whaaa. It’s the modest leadbreak. Nothing fancy.
I am in the midst of compiling a list of modest leadbreaks. ‘Cinnamon Girl’ by Neil Young may or may not be on there depending on what else shows up.


I would also just like to say that the character of Anton Chigurh in the movie _No Country For Old Men_ was one of the most impressive I have seen in years. Totally evil and totally impressive.


Hi. I was just reading this thing about blowing on laptops and it reminded me of a minivison I had on the bus on friday while in theta-cycles. Moving songs around on iTunes will be like pouring water from one cup to another.

Tonight I watched _Juno_ (2007). At first I was sceptical. I thought it was going to be too cute, trying to hard but it turned out to be really nice. There was some really nice scene in there.

_cat is a 70yo man_

The last three winters I have been here, I haven’t been here for all of it. I got a three week reprieve from it this year too, but it doesn’t feel like it. Ze Vinter is really dragging out. I am tired of the feeling tenseness when stepping out.

I am liking the Depeche Mode. It is interesting that they were so big — I didn’t know that. They sold, like, 100 million records. Listening to some of their smash hits now, like, ‘Enjoy the Silence’ and there’s a lot more guitar than I thought there was in their music. I like that guy’s vocals.

(Empty The Cities)

Not just one country, or one group of countries but the whole damn planet. [“I’m a whole damn town!”]

The people’s of the whole planet spread out evenly across every patch of arable land. Salt water was made fresh. The deserts were greened. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was occupied with farming.
Then one day all the thoughts of the world’s peoples turned to tomatoes. Singularly, completely, without aberration, the people began to grow tomatoes. Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes; Black Russians, cherry tomatoes, hydroponic tomatoes — but mostly the normal kind.
They started to pile up but the people kept on with the growing.

I could see all this from my platform in geosynchronous orbit. It happened steadily and in not much time at all. A planet where blue, greens and white once predominated became red.
In the first few weeks after the red became noticeable I would ring people to let them know what they were doing was probably a mistake.
To them the incoming number would show up as starting with 001 so they thought I was Skyping them from the next farm-collectorate. “Ur pulling my leg”, they would say.
“No! I’m really in space!”
They didn’t believe me when I said everyone was growing tomatoes either. Each thought they were the only ones with such a bright idea.

After a week I gave up and instead would ring random numbers and start singing the David Bowie classic, ‘Starman’. At a ratio of about 1 in 10 (pretty good really) the person would stay on the line and listen to the whole song. I liked floating in zero-G, singing into the phone and I liked to imagine the other person down there, phone to ear, listening quietly while a stranger sang to them.


new apa-tuh, day 2: The Deafening Sounds of Nature

Sunset. Retreated into bedroom dragging essentials. Essentials include: computer. Psychological impact of larger spaces in house is beyond my coping-ability. The other rooms have windows. The windows have no blinds, curtains, shades or drapes. Feel like I am being watched. (I am being watched.)
Considering subletting the other two rooms to help cover cost of additional psychotherapy sessions.

Officer Bentley’s fairly serious dilemma


Moving went extremely quickly and smoothly. Curly, one of the cleaners, decided to help me. I said, no, no it’s okay, I can do it, but she would have none of it and did all the trolley work. The little man driving the truck was much nicer than the one that I had help me a year ago, however I feel that I am still paying too much considering how short the trip was.

In any case, I am here now, as I was this morning, vaguing-out. I sat here waiting for KT Man to arrive and marvelled at the trees (at this point dormant) outside the window and a certain amount of mountain peak at the top of the W-SW window.

Things that one can immediately like about the place
* balcony
* jumbo-sized fridge. Could fit at least 3 adult bodies in there.
* 3 burners on the stove (gas!)
* bookshelves & closet space up the ying-yang
* heated towel rack (kooky. hope it doesn’t cause fire)
* a real toilet bowl. I think I’ve mentioned before how disconcerting it is to “bomb the beach” instead of “going damn-busters” like the rest of the civilised world does.

In between moments of vagueness I tried to get my head around the concept of living in a place that has more than _one room_. For a lot of people, one room in this country is the standard, but the little bungalow that was my last abode in HOJU was the same, albeit long and carpeted. The last two places in three years here also featured one room, totalling 5+ years of one room. I don’t know how I break my stuff up across the three rooms here. It’ll be strange for there not to be a computer one roll and a bit of a stretch away from the bed. Suddenly, I feel like I don’t have enough furniture.