rocking motion

I am going to write about music I listened to last year. There was one album I listened to last year that was made last year. That was Amon Tobin’s Foley Room. It was alright. I like his earlier stuff better. He recorded the sound of a tiger growling on one of the tracks. It came with a DVD of how the album was made. There was a scene of him going to a zoo and recording the tiger getting angry.


I listened to a few Joy Division songs a lot. Particularly No Love Lost. I like it because it sounded begrudging, so it suited how I often felt when around on public transport. I like Joy Divison because they had a strong set of basslines paired with shitbox guitar sounds. I liked hearing Ian Curtis’ accent coming through here and there.

I listened to these Hall & Oates tracks _a lot_: I Can’t Go For that, Out of Touch, Private Eyes, and to a lesser extent, Say it isn’t So. I listened to them so regularly in relation to other things that it almost qualiifies me as retarded. Retarded for ‘I can’t go for that’ — that about sums up the second half of 07 for me.
These things are often about place and time though. This nineteen eighties thing is an ipod-specific thing.

I also liked the Dead or Alive track, You Spin Me Round (like a record).

I liked the Bowie songs China Girl and Let’s Dance.

I listened to Shaun Ryder’s solo album Amateur Night in the Big Top a lot, but usually only the first half.

Fila Brazilia’s Another Fine Mess. The DJ Food remix of the Fila Brazillia song, A Z & 2L’s. Some tracks from Beasts of Bourbon’s compilation — but not all of them. I like Drop Out, Psycho (in fact all of The Axeman’s Jazz, but that’s a different story) Hard For You, (I likey very muchy) Let’s Get Funky, Finger Lickin, Chase the Dragon, Just Right, and Execution Day.
I like Scientists compilation for the same reasons, but it’s more of an ‘in principle’ thing with them, not as much in practice. I like them because they are Australian. Australian men with pub-rock tight jeans and big cocks.

Making Plans for Nigel – XTC.

Boards of Canada – The campfire headphase is a Steady Seller in the tapeshop of my mind. Everytime I take the bus out of the city I listen to that. I can always doze listening to it. Lesser played but just as effective to completely lose consciousness to is the commercially unreleased set of tracks by Dark Network called Lost Time.