Sandwich Technology Expo 08


I’ve got so much on my plate at the moment that I don’t really have the luxury of protest or complaint. I just do what they tell me. they being The Management. The Management said there would be sandwich construction workshops. It sounded a bit redundant to me, but what would I know? And sure enough – I did not know. The 14year olds had never made a sandwich before. Instructions were supplied on specific sandwiches I was to oversee the construction of. The devil was in the details — mixing “ketchup” (it’s an american thing, apparently) and mayonnaise. It was out of my hands. I bet this was exactly how Einstein felt … except I didn’t invent the sandwich.
There were other crimes against sandwich-kind in those rooms, things like putting strawberry jam on ham. I eaten very little all day as a result of witnessing these things.
The assistant prompted one student to get up and ‘introduce their sandwich’, and surprisingly enough, they did. the last two days I’ve need to poke them with a cattle prod to get any sort of reaction at all, but for some reason today, one after the after, still a little stilted, they stood up and talked about their sandwiches. One had named her small roll Crocodile while the sandwich was The Jungle. I took a bunch of fotos because I couldn’t believe what was happening.