The Lives Of Others (2006)

Happy new year n all that.

Wow, I just watched this movie and really, really liked it.

I mean, I’m not usually into german movies but this drama/thriller kept me interested for the whole four hours.

I mean, it was subtle. Really bloody subtle.


Hats off to the dude playing the main stasi agent – great acting, great character. He looked a bit like he was out of Kraftwerk and wore this totally minimalist looking grey jacket.
I wish I could get a jacket like that. I mean, I’d like to say I identify with someone like William Wallace in Breavheart, but the truth is I identify more with Weisler in this movie. A shortish, balding man who had a habit of clenching his fists and holding hiss arms ridgid while walking. The plain grey shirts. I identify with all of that.

It was about him spying on a writer. wikiapeddy has a bit about it.

Like it says, lots of subtle bits. Like, the guy is walking on a shiny hard lino floor into just about to interrogate the only woman in the film – fairly good looking (and you’d certainly fucking hope so if she was the only one) and you can hear one shoe squeaks each time he stand on its heel, walking five or six steps. Excellent. You ever have that happen to you? One shoe a bit squeaky or makes a noise? I have.

It’s a bit funny when you think about it eh? East Germany. Strange to think about it now — just faded right into the background.

Back in ’89, christmas – I got this fender copy bass guitar, by the brand ‘Action Bass’ The guy in the shop, in the process of assuring me of its quality and in a way of not-saying it was made somewhere in Asia, said it was made in East Germany.
I sometimes think about that – wonder if he was just pulling my leg. t’was a solid instrument though.