I just calculated that when I move house tomorrow it will be the 19th place I’ve lived in during this short 33 years of lifespan completed.
I got overzealous with the packing and so am eating ice-cream with a knife instead of a spoon. I guess it’s not that bad. The plan was to have toast for breakfast tomorrow before the guy with the truck shoes up at 9, but I packed the toaster so a sandwich will suffice.
Geographically it’s not that far away but the joint is significantly roomier. It shall be dubbed Pacific Palisades — got a nice ring don’t you think?

That gum you like is going to come back in style

Yes, I’ve been watching a little of Dr. Katz again thanks to the modern wonders of the internet and how every tv show and movie ever made is now available to be watched at anytime, provided you have the bandwidth.
I like that show’s laid-backness. It’s relaxing to view banter like that.

I have also been looking at Twin Peaks, again. It stands up to time surprisingly well. I have been reading this book about North Korea. Something about the guidance of the loving father. It’s a long book; 800 pages. I got to page 16 and thought – that’s 2% done.

It’s funny to think about the underlying sentiment in the post that lies directly below this one. The other night I was at a cafe with a friend, showing her pictures from my childhood, via the modern wonders of the laptop computer. There were several class photos from primary school. for each, she picked out which kid I was and then asked me which girl I liked. And indeed each year there was some girl I had a secret crush on. It’s funny because other times I’d looked back at them in intervening years, that hadn’t occurred to me. After about four class fotos, and four crush-girls, my friend commented that they were all very different styles of girl. What she was getting at was the look of each. A blonde, a brunette, a girl with caramel-coloured hair.
I don’t knw that it really has anything to do with anything but it does remind me of a pattern where when one choice turns out to be the wrong one, I can often vault over in the other direction, thinking that must be what I need.

rocking motion

I am going to write about music I listened to last year. There was one album I listened to last year that was made last year. That was Amon Tobin’s Foley Room. It was alright. I like his earlier stuff better. He recorded the sound of a tiger growling on one of the tracks. It came with a DVD of how the album was made. There was a scene of him going to a zoo and recording the tiger getting angry.


I listened to a few Joy Division songs a lot. Particularly No Love Lost. I like it because it sounded begrudging, so it suited how I often felt when around on public transport. I like Joy Divison because they had a strong set of basslines paired with shitbox guitar sounds. I liked hearing Ian Curtis’ accent coming through here and there.

I listened to these Hall & Oates tracks _a lot_: I Can’t Go For that, Out of Touch, Private Eyes, and to a lesser extent, Say it isn’t So. I listened to them so regularly in relation to other things that it almost qualiifies me as retarded. Retarded for ‘I can’t go for that’ — that about sums up the second half of 07 for me.
These things are often about place and time though. This nineteen eighties thing is an ipod-specific thing.

I also liked the Dead or Alive track, You Spin Me Round (like a record).

I liked the Bowie songs China Girl and Let’s Dance.

I listened to Shaun Ryder’s solo album Amateur Night in the Big Top a lot, but usually only the first half.

Fila Brazilia’s Another Fine Mess. The DJ Food remix of the Fila Brazillia song, A Z & 2L’s. Some tracks from Beasts of Bourbon’s compilation — but not all of them. I like Drop Out, Psycho (in fact all of The Axeman’s Jazz, but that’s a different story) Hard For You, (I likey very muchy) Let’s Get Funky, Finger Lickin, Chase the Dragon, Just Right, and Execution Day.
I like Scientists compilation for the same reasons, but it’s more of an ‘in principle’ thing with them, not as much in practice. I like them because they are Australian. Australian men with pub-rock tight jeans and big cocks.

Making Plans for Nigel – XTC.

Boards of Canada – The campfire headphase is a Steady Seller in the tapeshop of my mind. Everytime I take the bus out of the city I listen to that. I can always doze listening to it. Lesser played but just as effective to completely lose consciousness to is the commercially unreleased set of tracks by Dark Network called Lost Time.

2008 is begun


Congratulations on your purchase of the A330 – 200 Airbus.
Please note the predated wallpaper in the loos as you stand there waiting for something to come out.
If during take off / landing you notice the superstructure shaking violently, do not be alarmed, it’s just the inner plastic panelling. At altitude you may also become aware of a difference in cabin air temperature around the emergency exits. This is because they are doors, and well, there’s no such thing as a closed system.


To the crew, we hope that you take every opportunity to make use of our special, built in Turbulence Simulator™. Use Turbulence Simulator™ to keep cargo pacified for optimum periods of time. In case of fire style self as early-80s prog-rocker.


To the driver, if you happen to forget your video of ‘Transformers’ don’t worry! A330-200 comes with built-in back up tapes of DeGrassi Junior High.

Sandwich Technology Expo 08


I’ve got so much on my plate at the moment that I don’t really have the luxury of protest or complaint. I just do what they tell me. they being The Management. The Management said there would be sandwich construction workshops. It sounded a bit redundant to me, but what would I know? And sure enough – I did not know. The 14year olds had never made a sandwich before. Instructions were supplied on specific sandwiches I was to oversee the construction of. The devil was in the details — mixing “ketchup” (it’s an american thing, apparently) and mayonnaise. It was out of my hands. I bet this was exactly how Einstein felt … except I didn’t invent the sandwich.
There were other crimes against sandwich-kind in those rooms, things like putting strawberry jam on ham. I eaten very little all day as a result of witnessing these things.
The assistant prompted one student to get up and ‘introduce their sandwich’, and surprisingly enough, they did. the last two days I’ve need to poke them with a cattle prod to get any sort of reaction at all, but for some reason today, one after the after, still a little stilted, they stood up and talked about their sandwiches. One had named her small roll Crocodile while the sandwich was The Jungle. I took a bunch of fotos because I couldn’t believe what was happening.

The Lives Of Others (2006)

Happy new year n all that.

Wow, I just watched this movie and really, really liked it.

I mean, I’m not usually into german movies but this drama/thriller kept me interested for the whole four hours.

I mean, it was subtle. Really bloody subtle.


Hats off to the dude playing the main stasi agent – great acting, great character. He looked a bit like he was out of Kraftwerk and wore this totally minimalist looking grey jacket.
I wish I could get a jacket like that. I mean, I’d like to say I identify with someone like William Wallace in Breavheart, but the truth is I identify more with Weisler in this movie. A shortish, balding man who had a habit of clenching his fists and holding hiss arms ridgid while walking. The plain grey shirts. I identify with all of that.

It was about him spying on a writer. wikiapeddy has a bit about it.

Like it says, lots of subtle bits. Like, the guy is walking on a shiny hard lino floor into just about to interrogate the only woman in the film – fairly good looking (and you’d certainly fucking hope so if she was the only one) and you can hear one shoe squeaks each time he stand on its heel, walking five or six steps. Excellent. You ever have that happen to you? One shoe a bit squeaky or makes a noise? I have.

It’s a bit funny when you think about it eh? East Germany. Strange to think about it now — just faded right into the background.

Back in ’89, christmas – I got this fender copy bass guitar, by the brand ‘Action Bass’ The guy in the shop, in the process of assuring me of its quality and in a way of not-saying it was made somewhere in Asia, said it was made in East Germany.
I sometimes think about that – wonder if he was just pulling my leg. t’was a solid instrument though.