tumbling to the world is our duty


“Do you like animals?”
“Oh, no.”
“Why is that?”
“Too many legs. People have two legs. But ah … horses and cows have many legs. I don’t think it’s good.”

* * *

I am flying out of here for a pre-christmas and just a bit after christmas break back in Australia, the fabled land of HOJU. For the first time ever the flight is direct from Incheon to Melbourne and am expecting big things due to this directness. The expectation is to have the feet back on the ground ten and a half hours after those big scoops of metal/petroleum force driven turbines drag-off here. Expect to be fresh as a motherfucken daisy at Tulla.

a mere trifle



Chon gi chon
chon gi chon
chon gi chon chon chon
cha chon chon chon
cha chon chon
cha-chigga cha-chon chon

chon gi chon
chon gi chon

Chon gi chon we walked along
on a day rather warmer than this
We saw saw these two
I whipped out my
digital camera (Di-Ca)

Man in orange without being asked
you stepped behind to hide from view
why did you assume
that the picture I wanted to take
was not of you?

Man, Nature, Technology
Chon gi chon.



Okay, _this_ is the last thing I will mention about Japan.
I don’t know that I ever got around to saying how bad I thought Lonely Planet guide books are but that was my conclusion. They’re not fun anymore. They’re made for your granma. On the other hand, the Time Out Tokyo book did have plenty of interesting things to do and see. In the music shops section there is a small personal recommendation by a guy called Cornelius, who’s a Japanese musician. I don’t know his stuff but I do seem to recall that Amon Tobin may have remixed one of his songs. Anyway, Cornelius mentions this shop, Fujiyama and as luck would have it, it was just down the road from where my sister is living.

It’s a smoky little joint full of offerings from young indie musicians. From all genres but all tending to be on the raw side.


The guy running the place is really nice. The hours the pllace is open are irregular but if you go past and it’s open, it’ll be open all night. It’s a shame there’s not really anything like this in Seoul.

Here are a couple of sample tracks from the bunch of stuff I lucky-dipped on and bought. I can’t reproduce the track names properly because they’re in Japanese. the first is from Izumi Kunihiro, his album, Siesta and Walk and Music. Track [3.5Mb].
The second was from a compilation of artists recorded in 2001, the title of the album being Tone Poem Archives. The track selected is by Labcry, it’s name is in Japanese and is here [8.4Mb]