Man I can’t catch a break. The other day I went to the bank to shut down one of the accounts. I did and it all went relatively okay. Later in the day the guy rang to say that he’d made a mistake and that could I come back down to pay a forty dollar fee they’d neglected to charge me. I said sure, thinking about karma. Also he said he’d give me a gift. The gift was a collapsible beach bucket.

When I think about karma and try and make a deal with it, I think that something good should happen to me right away. It should but it doesn’t.

Today I was informed that with another bank, another bank account, they’d accidentally paid me too much overtime, it was my workplace telling me this but it was a fault f the bank’s. 250 bucks too much. They wanted me to pay the cash back. I did. I then realised I had to go to that same bank branch to pay some money into a business’ acct because I want some carbonated mineral water. Carbonated mineral water is hard to come by here (they don’t like the bubbles) and there appears to be only one supplier. The supplier’s website, for some mysterious reason, rejects my korean credit card.

I normally buy mineral water from the chang-dong e-mart but some weeks they don’t have any. Some weeks they don’t have any breakfast cereal. In short, the chang-dong e-mart needs to be nuked from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.

At the local branch they didn’t realise I was the person who’d just voluntarily rectified their $250 mistake. I’d written down one digit wrong in the acct I wanted to deposit into and for this they treated me like a regular arsehole.

I am looking forward to getting my boxes of mineral water, 6-8 weeks from now.