baked in devilry

It’s getting cold here. This morning when I woke at the god-awful time of 6am, as I have been sentenced to for the remaining three weeks, the apple weather applet told me that it was -8 degs centigrade outside.
The floor heating has beeen difficult to regulate. In the evening as I unwind it is chilly of my feet but by midnight the heat ramps up and I cook where I lie on the thin mattress.
Last night I dreamt of a deluge and the things that sprung therefrom. I was on my little bike that I have here, riding through the muddy water with tires completely submerged but somehow managing to stay upright.
A moment later I was standing on a garden path with a large (knee-high) toad in front of me. It appeared to be smiling in a subtle way. Its skin was covered in lots of rough bumps that glowed like lava and slowly change colours across the spectrum. I turned to see another had hopped up behind me.