Did Pablo Picasso play the guitar?

Marking may be a pain, but writing mid-term tests allows me a little creativity.
“Vincent van Gough was known for doing something that was pretty crazy. Circle the crazy thing that he did.”
(a) He bit off Paul Gauguin’s ear.
(b) He lived in Antarctica with the penguins for a year.
(c) He cut off part of his own ear.
(d) He cut off part of his girlfriend’s ear.
(e) He painted pictures of Space Invaders before the game was invented.

You see how I got some delayed rhyme in the (a) n’ (b)? So far, no one has taken choice (e) but I’m less than halfway through.
The thing that I really dig is to see how they illustrate how their minds work. They circle, underline and make all kinds of markings through the question, hinting at what they think is the pivot-word. ‘Crazy’, and ‘crazy thing’ are most common.