One thing I like about getting weeks off like this is, no matter where I get to physically, I get brain space enough to think about writing fir the sunnybreaks more than twice a month.

A couple of weeks ago the geelong cats australian rule football team, the sox family’s chosen team, won the Premiership (last game of the season) after being losers for forty years. Several times during the 90s Geelong got into the Grand Final and we, the family, went to the games only to see them lose — it’s pretty tuff on a kid, letmetellya. It’s worse to come second than third or forth, that’s for sure.

A few times in the last couple of months mum’d told me about how well the team was doing. I listened but thought that they’d choke any week soon. There was probably more than a couple of gatherings of people watching the game in Seoul but I wasn’t really up to being around that kind of crowd. Even when I went to the games I’d often be approaching the whole viewing experience from a different angle than folks around me.

Thanks to a few wealthy people in anonymous places in Australia (I say wealthy because bandwidth pirates, Telstra, keep internet culture in poverty in aust.) I was able to download bit-torrents of the two halves of the game and ended up watching it on sunday night (it was on saturday arvo).

The first half was in Hi-def and looked fantastic. The game was good too. Well, it was a bit of a walkover, but when it’s your team doing the walking you don’t mind.
Sport doesn’t really warm the cockles of my heart, but it made me happy to see Geelong win.

As I was saying, barracking for the team is a family thing and extends through my mum’s side of the family. Here is a picture of one of my cousins who somehow got hold of the cup. They must be letting anyone have a feel of it these days. Probably charging 5 bucks a go.