The 49th parallel

h3. It’s a canadian movie from 1941.

p{color:blue}. I actually tried to watch this about a month ago. It was on TVlinks and I got to about halfway through before attempting to pause it to go to the toilet. The divX thing crapped out and I couldn’t get it back to the same spot without watching it it again.

p{color:blue}. As a side note, the whole communication via the internet and electronic means seems to be falling down when it comes to how to show telly and movies streaming. The whole thing dies on me often. I don’t knoww if it’s divx, or firefox or apple but someone needs to get their act together.

p{color:blue}. Back to the movie.
There’s submarines in the first five minutes — that’s what kept me watching. A German U-boat gets sunk in Hudson bay and a bunch of the nazis onboard have to make their way down through the countryside to the USA, which is at that stage, neutral. That’s right, in 1941 Uncle Sam didn’t have a problem with the Third Reich, or as thehy pronounce it in the movie, riiiissshhh.

p{color:blue}. Laurence Olivier is in it and he gets shot. The Nazis come across a community of Hutterites. (Go listen to their music.) This was the first of the funny scenes, where the head-nazi gets to a point where he was confident that the Hutterites would love Hitler too, based on the fact that they were german.
After dinner he gets up and huffs out the whole spiel, he gets to the end and does the salute + “Heil hitler” and so do the other three nazis with him, but all the Hutterites are still sitting there stony silent. The head-nazi sits down. I guess you had to be there.

p{color:blue}. Anyway, it’s just a funny movie. The main characters are the Nazis – we follow them through the county. It switches between bits where the Germans argue with canadians, and the canadians say how great it is to be free, free to complain, to worship, or to hang out in the forest with the Redfoot Indians while acting like a fop. It switches between that and bits that seem like Canadian tourism promos. that’s hard to do considering it’s in B&W.

p{color:blue}. I give this movie 3 cement mixers out of five.