a trip to the sea


Oh man, I just got back from a bus ride that normally takes two hours forty but today it was six hours forty. I coped with it surprisingly well. It’s situations like that that make me feel like The Jews in Nazi Germany — being herded into a boxcar = ‘perhaps something good will happen!’, being put in a big shower room with no clothes on = ‘I’ve got a feeling things are going to get better real soon’.
Every time the bus sped up I thought – ah that’s the end of it, it was just a car broke down snarling things up and it’ll be plain sailing from now on.

However, when we got to about halfway between yoju and eee-cheon, and it was gridlock from then on, again like the jews, I just resigned myself to the fact that there was nothing I could do about it, so just chilled. It’s a good thing me waters were not moving.
I have to hand it to the driver too. He made a break for it down the emergency lane whenever possible. You know how you can get stuck in a three-lane jam like that. You look out the window and see the same people over and over, eventually becoming like a little rolling community – you know that? Well it wasn’t happening because the driver was picking the quick lane all the time.

In any case I think I’ll write a letter to the law makers and suggest that the next time this national holiday comes up, they should make it that if a car breaks down on the motorway, its fair game for the other cars to shove it off and over the embankment. Or obliterate it with large-calibre machine guns. I can’t decide which.