Dramatic Chipmunk is my new totem

Usually I am dead against the embedding of u-tube into blogs, it’s spelled to doom of many-a blog and as a medium, is rendering the web into passive-mode. I’m sure Mr.McLuhan would have scathing things to say about it all.

However I will make an exception in this instance. Dramatic chipmunk speaks to me on many, many levels. First, I like that fact that it’s not actually a chipmunk but is in fact a “prairie dog”; so many things are not what the claim to be. Further, what ever tard decided to call these things dogs should be shot, or dug up and then shot; so many things are not what they really are, on level.

Plus, also he looks like Gregory Peck in Moby Dick.
I wish there were a way I could carry it around. Maybe I can put it on my phone. It would be my response to most things. Person A. says, “hey yak we’re going to Itaewon for indian food, you wanna come with?” and I respond by displaying five seconds of Dramatic Chipmunk. End of story.

And so, from now on, for however long it lasts, when I am bereft of direction when it comes to the more profound questions that life throws at me, I will look to the countenance of Dramatic Chipmunk for inspiration in answer.
Might get it put on a teeshirt too.

dramatis chipmunkis