strangers on a train

Well Hi sunny breaks readers. Hi from China. Hi. You know it had been ocurring to me on several occasions recently that when I would go to write something here it would remind me of something else I had written — this seems to be the way with this kind of thing, and is, I suspect the reason why many-a ‘blog has stopped working.

That’s why I have been relinking to older posts. And so when I says I was going to China it reminded me of something I posted about Tin tin several years ago – it was from one of the books – the blue lotus if I’m not mistaken — I had scanned out a small section where some of the generalisations about chinese people are visiualised. There was something about eating birds nests and doing something cruel to children, the details of which I don’t recall. Unfortunately I cannot find that particular bit — the search function on this thing is not good.

Anyway, I haven’t seen any bird’s nest being chowed down upon, nor have I seen child-cruelty. In fact I have seen very few children at all. With Korea, because it’s generally always so crowded, as soon as my eyes start focussing on any section of the population, I see them everywhere.

Folks here aren’t as idiotically friendly as they are in Korea. I guess that’s a good thing. It’s hot. I was on a train for thirty hours – it was fun, despite the copious amounts of smoking poeple were doing. I think that when I am Trotsky I will have my own train and have it choof around the world non-stop. I will write small stories and look out the window.

There was an older French couple on the train. I had dinner with them. We were getting up to leave and Jean-Yeves looks down at his shoes and says ‘zeess is se first time I have been to a restaurant in my … what do you call zeese?”