your cadetship


I had been meaning to post about this for some time. My musicvox space cadet bass guitar that I really like. It was only 200thousand wons! Which is super-cheap. Please take a look at their website. Look at who is using the guitars; they were used in the Austin Powers movie. They’re being used by Devo two point oh. They are being used by some christian cult that all dresses up in white nightgowns and does huge (HUGE) stadium gigs. It looks like the should be wearing Nikes and waiting for a comet. I am in good company in that I play a musicvox guitar.


I am very happy to have come across this guitar. That’s real mahogany. I put the flat-wound strings on it. I played it at a work-related gig last week and it felt and sounded ace. I will miss it on my brief but significant travels. I haven’t really come up with a name for it yet since the space cadet seems almost enough.