welcome to the future

You know, just the other day I was quietly marveling at how delivery has changed in regards to television. It’s one of those situations where technology is way ahead of law. I’m referring to this.

[And I was going to reference youtube and how you can type in key words pointing to a specific two or three minute sequence within a particular movie or show you like. P.K. showed me this the other day with a little bit of The Three Amigos. It’s interesting how this fragments the original monolithic text. But you know what? Right now I can’t think of any funny bit to look up.]

I remember when I was a little kid and hearing for the first time about possible environmental degradation in the future — things like visions of people having to wear spacesuits outside complete with breathing masks and goggles.

The yellow dust has floated across Korea again. This time last year, plus two weeks was when I got pneumonia. And it looks like I’m stuck inside for the day today.


I asked the internet for the specifics and it sent me to exactly the right place, but this country is information-deficient:

Dear Seung Yup Flikweert,

Unfortunately, KMA provides a yellow dust forcast only in Korean. We couldn’t find an English language website for this information. It is sometimes announced in the English newspapers.

Thank you.



—– Original Message – – – – –
From : Seung Yup Flikweert
Written : Mar 14, 2007
Subject : Yellow Dust forecast


I’ve been searching the net for some time but can’t seem to find an English website about yellow dust forecast. The KMA website about the dust I found does not seem to have an English version.

Can you please inform me how or where I can get the latest yellow dust warnings?

Thank you.
With regards,

Seung Y. Flikweert