cowboy music for my cowboy heart


I don’t understand MSG. What is it? Is there really people out there in the kitchen with manic grins and spooning stuff out of a big tin labelled MSG, saying, “Cor, ooryeah this’ll do the trick!”.

I mean, how does it get in the food?

I have a bad finger. It has a bandage on it. I was just in the shower feeling really stupid because I had a plastic bag on my hand. Call me Mr.Baghand.

a brick

I didn’t get kidnapped by the ccp or anything like that, just spent a few days down on the south coast at a little backwater beach town. It was kind of relaxing and mentally productive. I had a nose-cold for several days then got burnt on the beach which has taken a couple of days to bounce back from. Also, I don’t want to alarm you but I think boris yeltsin may have died.
Photos and proper verbage later.

strangers on a train

Well Hi sunny breaks readers. Hi from China. Hi. You know it had been ocurring to me on several occasions recently that when I would go to write something here it would remind me of something else I had written — this seems to be the way with this kind of thing, and is, I suspect the reason why many-a ‘blog has stopped working.

That’s why I have been relinking to older posts. And so when I says I was going to China it reminded me of something I posted about Tin tin several years ago – it was from one of the books – the blue lotus if I’m not mistaken — I had scanned out a small section where some of the generalisations about chinese people are visiualised. There was something about eating birds nests and doing something cruel to children, the details of which I don’t recall. Unfortunately I cannot find that particular bit — the search function on this thing is not good.

Anyway, I haven’t seen any bird’s nest being chowed down upon, nor have I seen child-cruelty. In fact I have seen very few children at all. With Korea, because it’s generally always so crowded, as soon as my eyes start focussing on any section of the population, I see them everywhere.

Folks here aren’t as idiotically friendly as they are in Korea. I guess that’s a good thing. It’s hot. I was on a train for thirty hours – it was fun, despite the copious amounts of smoking poeple were doing. I think that when I am Trotsky I will have my own train and have it choof around the world non-stop. I will write small stories and look out the window.

There was an older French couple on the train. I had dinner with them. We were getting up to leave and Jean-Yeves looks down at his shoes and says ‘zeess is se first time I have been to a restaurant in my … what do you call zeese?”

your cadetship


I had been meaning to post about this for some time. My musicvox space cadet bass guitar that I really like. It was only 200thousand wons! Which is super-cheap. Please take a look at their website. Look at who is using the guitars; they were used in the Austin Powers movie. They’re being used by Devo two point oh. They are being used by some christian cult that all dresses up in white nightgowns and does huge (HUGE) stadium gigs. It looks like the should be wearing Nikes and waiting for a comet. I am in good company in that I play a musicvox guitar.


I am very happy to have come across this guitar. That’s real mahogany. I put the flat-wound strings on it. I played it at a work-related gig last week and it felt and sounded ace. I will miss it on my brief but significant travels. I haven’t really come up with a name for it yet since the space cadet seems almost enough.



This saturday morning I’m jetting off to china for two weeks. Pretty sweet eh? Landing in Shanghai and then catching a train south to a city called nan-ning, where my dear M-dash lives.
Maybe several years ago I would’ve got one of those souvenir t-shirt with the picture of moa on, but I was thinking about it the other morning and I am wondering if the third reich would’ve turned out much different to modern day china if it’d been allowed to carry on and stabilise. Perhaps saying that will mean that I cannot view the sunnybreaks there, BANNED. That’s okay. I am trying to travel lighter this time compared to lugging an orange suitcase right down through indochine.


I used to work with idiots several years ago. I enjoyed it. See?


I am again but the dynamics are different and to be more specific, we’re talking about one idiot, a co-worker. I’ve been disappointed with myself at how poorly I’ve been coping with the situation. I feel like belittling the guy constantly. I can think of at least one other work-situation similar with the crux of it being that if an idiot can do the job I’m doing then I must be an idiot too. Kind of demoralising when thought of that way. Rainman, I keep trying to remind myself — Rainman — think of him as being like raniman — except that is fiction, where all the funny or thoughtful bits were saved, compacted into one neat little script. About one thing in 40 co-work says is funny or insightful. Plus, he’d be useless in a casino.

Yesterday I was going to catch an unfamiliar bus downtown. I asked the auxillary staff what number and they said but you can never be too sure they know what thye’re talking about. I stood at the stop, looking thru the numbers and maps. It was taking time to decipher due to the fact that it was written in korean. A girl, retarded and visibly moreso than Cowork , appeared making some kind of noise and waving her hand around in front of the thing I was reading. A second later I realised that contrary to what the auxillaries said, this was the bus I should get, and a second after that it was at the curb and about to pull out. I jumped on and saw the spazzy girl was there. I sat in front of her, turned around and smiled. “America?” she asked. “Australian person” I replied. We’re _all_ american. I tell her my name and she repeats it. I see a strand of saliva stretching up to down in her mouth.
I turned around and thought a little about it. Freak… I am a freak — it’s a Jesus and Mary Chain song I like lately because I can play the bassline . Cracking up. J&M chain are great because they can barely play guitars but come up with stuff that’s super-catchy. They play drums standing up and come from a land where you have to have ingenuity to get anywhere. I listened to it on the ispod. That’s how I choose most of what I listen to these days. Something will come to mind or something will happen that’ll remind me of something musically and –>.

The girl tapped me on the shoulder and asked for a piece of gum. I can totally dig it. I often like to hit people up for gum out of the blue. People I’ve just met or don’t know well, just for the hell of it. It’s funny. I was blowing bubbles though – so that must’ve been the cue. I felt around the bottom of my backpack. There was some crushed up biscuits still in their packet. Some dried fruit, the name of which I can’t remember, leftover from Vietnam that I didn’t realise I still had (Hi, customs!) . They’re spicy and sweet and yum, but brown and look like hash and not particularly appetising-looking so I don’t offer them. I also had an apple and offer it but she didn’t want it. No gum. I am a gum addict and as such I only care about the gum-chewing needs of no1 — that’s me.

A little later the girl got up and scaled down to the out-door, holding onto things like the bus was in the middle of a roll. She bend over and took a close look into the scanner thing that you swipe your card on, like there was something great to see in there. Whatever she was doing that day and wherever she was going, she’d succeeded in reinjecting a bit of wonder back in to the ordinary for me. I sincerely think folks like that are here for a reason.
I should find some spazzies to hang out with again.

stop press

Yesterday I had a google search string bounce back to me bringing sad news. The short piece of writing featured back here was plagarised. The student copied it out of some kids’ story book. Woe. I guess I learnt my lesson — if it’s unusually good, then check it for fleas.

welcome to the future

You know, just the other day I was quietly marveling at how delivery has changed in regards to television. It’s one of those situations where technology is way ahead of law. I’m referring to this.

[And I was going to reference youtube and how you can type in key words pointing to a specific two or three minute sequence within a particular movie or show you like. P.K. showed me this the other day with a little bit of The Three Amigos. It’s interesting how this fragments the original monolithic text. But you know what? Right now I can’t think of any funny bit to look up.]

I remember when I was a little kid and hearing for the first time about possible environmental degradation in the future — things like visions of people having to wear spacesuits outside complete with breathing masks and goggles.

The yellow dust has floated across Korea again. This time last year, plus two weeks was when I got pneumonia. And it looks like I’m stuck inside for the day today.


I asked the internet for the specifics and it sent me to exactly the right place, but this country is information-deficient:

Dear Seung Yup Flikweert,

Unfortunately, KMA provides a yellow dust forcast only in Korean. We couldn’t find an English language website for this information. It is sometimes announced in the English newspapers.

Thank you.



—– Original Message – – – – –
From : Seung Yup Flikweert
Written : Mar 14, 2007
Subject : Yellow Dust forecast


I’ve been searching the net for some time but can’t seem to find an English website about yellow dust forecast. The KMA website about the dust I found does not seem to have an English version.

Can you please inform me how or where I can get the latest yellow dust warnings?

Thank you.
With regards,

Seung Y. Flikweert