You need to be ready for the magic moment

Sometimes I wonder whether it is not a good idea to trust the internet as a mystical force. Above is the title of a spam mail I just got. Very few spam get through to viewing but this did. It was for I looked, I don’t think I need an automobile, maybe I need to meditate on it.

The other night I had a dream titled Sun Dragon, described herein:

Then the most remembered — I think it was this room that I live in now, except I had my old bed from when I was a kid – the wood bunk half. It was against the wall window – and on several occasions there was a giant golden dragon at my window. The first few times it was bursting flames at me and the joint was heating up heaps. There was another point where I remember looking out the window, from the bed and seeing it off a distance – against that view I have – and it rose up a bit — it was floating/flying — its head in front of the full burning orange yellow sun — so the sun was setting in the south. It was coming in toward me and fired flames at me in one long stream like a flame thrower – I rolled off the bed slowly and got underneath it. IT was cooler down there – I felt like I had found a solution.

I looked in, as you’d assume, Cirlot’s dictionary of symbols but also googled ‘golden dragon’ – and the internet tells me that the golden dragon is Wild. This is gambling terminology for pivotal or flexible, I guess. I’m still processing.

* * *

Deep Space Lollypop just finished a three week rotation. Man it was fun. Maybe I just got lucky because my homei class was kind of straight, like me. Instead of class 13 I prefer to give them the title of sunshine bookclub. I’m sure it’ll never be like this again – I’ll get all blase (blaaz-ay) and the students more apathetic. I probably shouldn’t reprint their stories here without asking but there was a couple of other sweet midget stories that were gold.