sweet midget

I was in a supermarket a week back and saw a jar of gerkins. On the label was, “sweet midget gerkins”. Is it abuse of my position to get my class to write a 100 word story or poem with the title having to be, “Sweet Midget”? I think not.

They grumbled at first, and yes even I thought it might have been a little too weird but I have just read through the pieces–my girls stepped up to the mark admirably.
Damn interesting too, the preponderance for mythic themes is way evident.
I liked this one best, by Huh Ju-young. (reprinted uncorrected for authenticity.)

Before sweet midget Lizzy went to bed she looked out of her window and saw the moon. The moon looked so near. “I wish I could play with the moon.” thought Lizzy. But she’s not tall. No matter how much she stretched, she couldn’t touch the moon. “Papa. Please get the moon for me.” said Lizzy to her father. He carried the very long ladder to a very high mountain. He climbed a very high mountain. Finally, he got to the moon. “I have the moon for you.” said Papa to Lizzy. Lizzy played with the moon.