I’m on my way to the citeh



First, not actual music. For christmas, some time ago now, I got the set of Dylan Thomas CDs that I mentioned here. I still haven’t listened to it yet because I feel like I need to be concentrating for it and these days I’m lucky of I can string 30 seconds of concentration together.

* * *
In fact the fact that the above part of this entry was written several days ago is testament.

I am just been moved into the city. Well, two days ago but the chaos has been such that I would not have been able to say whether or not I was actually here.

I am here aboard spaceship earth. The full effect of that hasn’t become apparent yet because I don’t start working for another week.
The shower is ace. High pressure, doesn’t run out of hot. That’s what I’ve been without this past two years. And the prospect is south by south east facing so it’s like BANG! spring is here – sunny and warm — big windows and it’s taken two days or so to get the temp back to about 20degs. It was set at 30 when I got in – and then sometime in the last day there were several people passing through and one of them must’ve seen that I had the gauge at 20, thought it was a mistake and put it back to 25. I didn’t notice until this morning.


I will get around to writing about whatever music I have been listening to but just not now save to say that the happy mondays and then shaun ryder consistently have great record covers. Amateur night in the big top is pretty catchy, produced in Perth, AUS and a few years old by now.