Ever since before Marco Polo people had been doing this so I never saw myself as nothing special but and yet it still amazes me that in this era when the global village phrase was invented there’s still a lot of things not moving around. I just wanted to bring relief through vapour to people.
Protectionism of course, that’s why. Tariffs and to another thing, quarantine.

I was making re-entry with a 20kg suitcase of Vicks eucalyptus vap-o-rub in jar form. I saw no need to declare it but they stopped me anyway. Looking a bit dismayed, the customs dude, standing by the open shell held up to my face one of the 80 or jars.
What this? Jam?
With the right amount of aplomb I took it from him and cracked it open. I fingered a dollop out and wiped it under my nose. I made exaggerated actions of inhaling deep and easy; invigorated! enlivened!

Deposited a gobbet on his face ∙ perhaps a little shocked at the contact but smiled at the sensation it quickly gave. He made that underhanded waving motion to a couple of cohorts who came over with their military-style stiff and high-actioned hats atop their skulls. Attention switched to the jar as it passed around. I let em keep it and was on my way. The freebie was worth it; they’d soon be wanting more.