Dear internet,

It’s been nice not being around you for the last week and some days. Suprisingly, I haven’t missed you at all. I don’t even know what day it is.

I did have a photo to show you but I forgot to bring it.

I decided that the motorbikes as traffic are the most logical solution in this situation. The people here are way nicer than those in Korea. I don’t want to leave. Maybe I won’t. The food is pretty good. Am currently biv-o-whacked at a beach resort on the south central coast. The waves crash at about forty feet from the room door. Been having intense, vivid long and many-per-nite dreams. Last night one each about both parents — not happy but then that’s not bad either.
I think it’s got something to do with the white noise sound of the waves and wind and maybe even having my head facing the ocean.

It’s pretty damn amazing the range of geographical conditions here. We went through dry scrubby sandy flat bits with rocky hills in the distance. I am going to get a small australian production crew and a couple of (au) gringos, one or two vietnamese-australians and then hire a bunch of local villagers as extras — all of who seem to have a little pidgeon-english anyway (so that’s perfect) for my vietnamese rice-noodle (pho) western. Title forthcoming.