direct from a shallow grave

Hi there, It’s YS, you might remember me from such blogs as sunny breaks in years previous.
I am alive, though barely at present. I had a cold then it got better, then I had a cold & flu, then it got better. This about sums up my life for the last month.

Also, I got the job I wanted. That job being: any one other than the one I have now. Things have not been so happy-go-lucky at the establishment, but thankfully it’s almost done.

There have been fun moments, such as yesterday while on the subway a guy who looked exactly like a suit was acting all gregarious and dapper; putting on a silent comedy for whoever would watch.
Also, it hasn’t been as cold as it could be, so that’s good.
It is christmas eve and I am not in the sox ancestral lands, which is a first for me.

And so here are some of my favourite christmas things.
– Dylan Thomas’ short story, ‘A Child’s Christmas in Wales‘, which is also linked on the side. DT is my fave poet and a brilliant reader of his own work.

This christmas image, brought to you by mister pants. i printed out a couple of these and gave them to people I know.

– This page of European christmas traditions. I always wanted to do an australian version of this but it still hasn’t happened.

– Last year I found this page that had a bunch of nice pictures on it and it said these pictures are copyright, don’t copy them. So I took them down to the photo joint and had them glossy-fied. I made cards. I like this one because of how piercing the eyes of the dude next to santa are.


Happy day tomorrow.