the new girl in this sunny cyber land

i am laura.
i live in the USA.
i am a teacher.

i love …moon yeol, korea, art, DIY everything, global travel, school, school, school, german folk, volunteer work/travel, sweetness, tattoos, compassion, animal companionship, high fivin’, white peony tea, girls, indie rock, vegan eatin, kissing and and kissing and kissing…, boys, indie films, dancing everywhere, books, activism, god, daydreaming, water, gestures of love, humility, subway art, watermelon, sunshine, unions, lemons. i love …courage, the dark alleyways of an early morning prague, foolish acts of unrequitted love, not drinkin’, pinball coffee tables, ratty rats circling my stumbling feets, my ma and my da, olives, and traveling (mind, body, spirit travel)

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