stop me

I’m not very pleased with myself and I feel sick to the stomach saying it but I’ve been getting back into the Radiohead. This is exactly what happened back in 2001. I guess if I had to put a finger on how I got into it back then… it was a woman I was living with at the time. I was doing well, for five years or more I’d been content with various obscure electronic stuff then one day she brought home this Kid A CD. I had a bit of a listen and was surprised because I liked it. It was confusing, so many conflicting emotions.
A few weeks later the CD wound up in my room more than anywhere else in the joint. Not long after I used some of the little money I had and bought a new copy of Ok Computer. I was pretty much off to the races. Got Amnesiac as soon as it came out. What happened after then is difficult to piece together.
We broke up and I had to move out, back into the city. Sometime late one night huddled over a glowing computer screen I read how one of my long-time heroes, Aphex Twin, had been asked in an interview if he’s ever work with Radiohead. This was because they said they were majorly influenced by him. But he said no, because he didn’t like them. Blunt, straight out, without care of who’s ego got dinted: no.
The next day I threw my Radiohead CDs in the bin and threw the bin on the street.

The last five years I’ve been playing out of the shadows. Last Sunday a friend invited me along to a film festival. There was some Radiohead video clips there. I sat there, uncomfortably watching and hating Thom Yorke and his cabbaged eye, just as I hated myself. I didn’t feel like I could just get up and leave.

I just d/loaded the old albums I used to have. Like I said, I feel sick. It’s a slippery slope. Pretty soon, before you know it I’ll be objecting to chicken.