journeys into the blend


Recently a friend (Hi L. in R.I. !) sent me this journal. It’s like a refurbished book but, slow-witted as I am, for some time I thought it was a blender rcipe book with extra lashings of whitespace. The bits of old book are spliced with blank, newer paper for which to write on. It came from here.

I am intending to use it as a dream journal but this is challenging to begin. My conscious self is still too freaked out to meet my unconscious self.


So, Margret Meade, (aka Ruth Ellen Church) graduate of Home Economics and Journalism at Iowa State (1961), exactly what is a blender?

A blender is an electrical appliance that makes daily meal preparation and entertaining less work and more fun. It takes the nuisance and clutter out of chopping, grating, pureeing and mincing; it mixes or whips foods in just a few seconds; and it does something no other appliance can do– liquefies fruits, vegetables and other solid foods, thus making possible an entirely new kind of cooking.

Margret is also a former Chairperson of the Chicago group of Home Economists in Business.
I wonder if they’re related to the Chicage school of econonomics? Probably.


It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.